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February 23, 2011 / adgerellis


     I’m not mad!

The truth is, people are not always honest, nice, or kind. And when a person meets a lot of nasty people in one day, lies and just spitefully mean, that poisons “the body politic” and  just makes people very unhappy. So what!  All that makes for a sad sad world. That’s what  ! ”

“GREY BAITING, GMO, AND GENOCIDE PART 1”… Fairness in Compensation and The Glass Door. PART 2…

Fairness in Compensation and The Glass Door…

There can be joy and happiness in the world,  but only if most people wise-up  to compassion and empathy. Now get  this straight, compassion and empathy does not mean over-sentimentality and romanticism.  Romanticism as I understand it is, to see the world in rigid division, extreme distinctions, separate dichotomies of  contrary ideas. Empathy as I understand it is, to assume the real or imaginary emotions and “feelings” of another living  human or animal. Neither, romanticism or attempting to feel the same feelings of another human or animal is possible and still hold on to our  own ego, the center of our personality. There seems to be ways to feel the emotions of other creatures and people, but certain people and groups try to keep that an occult secret. This world will never be a better place to live in until the “occult secrets” are made public and are generally made available to everybody who wants to know them. To me, life is very troubling without freedom. I need freedom as people need air to breathe and water to drink. If that means that I make mistakes in my life, at lest they are of own doing, and not forced on me by government or society. However, this is not the year 1776. The United States are not separate countries with a population of three million, or so people,  on the east coast of North America, as they were in 1776. Like it or not, the United States is a vast empire, with diplomats and military, economic and strategic interest all over the world. The limited government that the United States had in the year 1776, severed the country until the American Civil War. That Civil War was virtually the end of the Republic that the founders had conceived. So, you do not like high taxes and giving your money to welfare, the poor and the needy. You sir, and madam are asking for rebellion and revolution. Long past is the time when Horace Greeley could say, “Go west young man, go west.” (Sorry, John Soule, see origin… The American western frontier has been closed for more than a hundred years. I say this to be flippant, the Native Americans have been put in their place. The African-Americans are in government, schools and colleges and own their own businesses. No, I did not forget the woman suffragette who claimed, when woman get the vote there will be no more wars. Yeah, right! The United States is no longer a nation of small farmers, but is now an American Empire with a scientific technology undreamed of in 1776. “So, you do not like high taxes and giving your money to welfare, the poor and the needy. You sir, and madam are asking for rebellion and revolution.” Yes, I repeated those sentences on purpose. Know you to repeat, all of history proves over-and-over again, a government  or nation that has large masses of poor and needy people is just right for some demagogue, a “Little Hitler” or Napoleon to a rabble-rouser, Trotsky-Lenin-Stalin… ( Apologia pro exemplari pagina, sed poetica optimum emotive via ad veram motus augmenti… ) Ha! Ha! Who said, “Let them eat cake?” My saying, as far as I know: “Welfare is extortion by the poor, so that the rich can keep some of their wealth.” Yes, there is an intended double meaning.

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