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March 5, 2011 / adgerellis

Where to go ? What to do?

High mountains, Interstate go!  Ocean, beach and sea-shore fun, amusement park on the run.  All on video, photos will be put, on  my blog, maybe in a book.  eventually, everything for having fun,  -but…

but, oh I need a compatible female companion to have real  fun, if you like you picture on my blog. Around the world airplane, ship, motor car we will  go.  Camera, video in tow,  just help me a little  and we can go, only if you can be intelligent, historically concerned,  anthropology will help, yourn,  for social-psychology and understanding of people,  and other cultures entertainment, there is a science, important too, that can make the world a better place for you. A real woman I need to help pull me through, a difficult time, could she be you?

Lets talk, just post a comment. Start small, see what comes, and we can work together at having fun. If we have some of the same likes, just check out the rest of this blog, get an idea of the kind of women that I like. I’m not “stuck-up,” but easy-going, a laugh or word-play, pun or joke will keep me going. No alcohol to make me high, I’m on pain-killer for a twisted spine, alcohol I’ve been told could make me die.  However, a short run or a long walk will suit me find. I’d like to try, smoke in Amsterdam before I die, as there smoke is sort of legal. The world is big and round I’ve been told, , I don’t care if I’m old. Grandma  is just plain wrong, though I have a limit to how old, so things don’t go terribly wrong, and young for that matter, I am not a babby-sitter,  -lady!

Second time I ask, send a comment to this blog if you are female and want to travel with  a male companion,  but at first let us take it slow. To see if we can stand each others nerves,  and make a go, compatibility is first,  before we go, to far around this world and stop to find, that us together is all hard times, and no fun, no more, not  at all.  Not to cry, and not, “I said I’m Sorry.”

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