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March 5, 2011 / adgerellis

Synchronousity and Coincidence in Life

Hindus and Buddhist, from my understanding believe that the world and “reality” are a dream, a sort of self-created illusion, and a fiction.

Oh, yes the world is real enough that people have to eat to stay alive, and pay the water, electric and telephone bills so that the services do not get cut-off. If people want to drive a car, reality requires gas to be put in the car’s gas tank.

However, on a small-scale, almost everybody has had strange events, little unexpected surprises happen to them. Driving a car just in time to find a gas station, when the dashboard indicator clearly shows that the gas tank is “empty.” That unexpected bill that some how gets paid when there just seemed to be no chance of finding  enough the money.

To me, I have noticed that when I’m alone, and isolated from people more strange coincidences, and surprise events happen, and naturally there is nobody around to witness the strange event. Following the ideas of some Hindus and Buddhist,  our bodies have an energy field around them. Even natural science admits that our bodies give off heat, sweat, odor, and flakes of skin, much like a bubble or an envelope around us. Some people’s metabolism “burns energy” fast and other people have a slow metabolism making for different levels of body heat, sweat, odor and skin shedding.

Again, there is no way for me to know for certain as fact, but from what I have read, heard on radio, the internet and to me, most important first hand experience, sometimes the energy that the human body gives off can be felt from a distance by other people. Now that science has revealed that all human DNA is different, that is called a “DNA Finger Print,” and can be used to find an exact match in crime to a specific person.  Maybe, the body heat, sweat, odor and the flakes of skin falling from human bodies can be “felt’ and maybe seen on some subconscious level from other people around us. Can that  interfere with the way we experience our reality?  When we are alone we are in our own energy bubble, or envelope of heat, sweat, odor and DNA so that our reality is created and generated by our own energy field.   Therefore, strange events, or even so-called little miracles can happen to us because there are no other people around us to interfere, pull at, or merge with ou energy field. Our “reality” is self-contained when we are alone in our own  envelope  of  body heat, sweat, odor and DNA.

Doctor John Lilly invented the “Isolation Tank.” In the  isolation tank people have reported that dreams are so  life-like that  when a person gets out of the isolation tank they are confused and bewilder to find that in the tank they were dreaming, and the reality outside the isolation tank is the “real world.” The point being, isolation, being alone, no body else  around to interfere with the “dream world” inside the tank, this can creating and generating the persons own private  reality of strange and miraculous events.

Some  vegetarians  claim that not eating meat makes a person more  spiritual.  I also believe that not eating meat makes a person more spiritual, but to me that is not  necessarily a good thing. My experience taught me, that most people lie, some people more than others. To see people lie , to a truly spiritual person is both hurtful to the hearer of the lie, and what the lying person does not seem to realize, also, hurts the liar, depending on what type of lie.

That gets to the point about the nature of “reality.” Engineers and mechanics know about “metal fragile.” Electronic technicians know about “static electricity.” For some strange reason, I have no idea why, in my life experience, when I don’t eat meat for a week, or so, static electricity and things around me like metal objects, paper and cardboard things seem to break or even “snap”  off, tear and even  make small explosions and fall apart. Computers are the worst. The cursor or the typed words just seem to fly all over the computer screen. I still belive, without any proof, that computer experts know this, or at any rate, suspect how sensitive electronics are to some people when they are near by.

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