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March 9, 2011 / adgerellis

Tea Party For Gilbert & Sullivan

All through grade school I had an excellent music teacher. She was old even by comparison to the rest of the teacher’s ages. That is not a negative, because she was old I learned about operetta,   -and Gilbert & Sullivan.

Victorian Age had many anti-establishment artist. Some artist were wildly radical, other artist were more upper middle class radical, for example, much of Gilbert & Sullivan’s composition.   A lot of their works made  covert fun of pretentious morality and really dumb  etiquette.  What is so amazing is that people never seem to learn, and that the same dumb and stupid behavior is being promulgated by neocons and  The Tea Party people today.

In the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, “The Yeomen Of  The Guard,” there is a character named Jack Point. Jack is a jester, a  comic for hire. If I remember, there may be some mistakes in the lyrics as I am trying to recall a song that I heard more than 40 years ago, and the song goes something like this,

I’ve jibe and joke, and a quip and a crank,

For lowly folk and men who are rank,

I ply my craft and know no fear, but aim my shaft at prince or peer.

I’ve wisdom from the East and from the West, that is subject to no academic rule;

you may find it in a jeer or a little bitty jest, or distilled from the folly of a fool!!!

I can teach you with a quibble  if I’ve half-a-mind; oh, winnow all my folly and you

will find a grain of truth among the chaff!!!

I can set a braggart  shaking-in-his-boots, with just a joke,

the upstart I can wither with a whim: he may wear a merry laugh upon his face,

but his laughter has an echo that is grim!!!

When they are  offered to the world in disguise, unpleasant truths are  often swallowed with a will,

for he who will make his fellow creatures wise should always gild  a philosophic pill!!!

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