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March 10, 2011 / adgerellis


Mean spirited  people will use  religious  fundamentalism as an excuse to get their own way, and control people. These “control freaks” will simply make up anything that suit them to control people. That also goes for the  neo-conservatives’  interpretation of the  U S  Constitution and basic laws-of-the-land.

Yes, that is the twisted argument that the “religious-right” uses against the political progressive liberals and socialist.

Gilbert & Sullivan made  fun of  Victorian rigid interpretation of laws, and propriety in the comic operetta “Ruddigore.” Ruddigore ridicules many ideas about religion and proper social behavior that some religious people and the neo-conservatives are trying to force on us today. Even the operetta’s  name “Ruddigore,”  is a mockery of the Victorian “language police.”  The word  “bloody” in Victorian polite society was considered  vulgar,  so by rhyme of  ‘ruddy” and gore are pregnant with the meaning,  “Red-Blood.” Ha! Ha! A joke that has to be explained is not really very funny. (Unless, the joke is on you the reader.  L-O-L! You must have a lot of free time, to waste it reading this blog.)

Ruddigore has in the plot a sad young woman who was left an old book on etiquette by her long dead mother.

The young maid’s name is Miss Rose Maybud.  She sings a song that tells  the audience that what is in the old book controls her life.  Just like a lot of religious people today,  let what is written in some old book control their  behavior.

Anyway, if I can remember the words from the song that I heard more than forty years ago, this is how the song goes if my memory services me right.

“If somebody there chance to be, who loved me in manner true,

My heart would point it out to you, and you would point it out to him,

but, here it says of those who point, (looking at the old book in her hands)

their manners are out of joint. -You may not point.  -You must not point.

It  is not polite, to point!

Had I a love such as he, some quiet spot he’d take me to.

Then he could whisper to me and I could whisper to you,

but whispering, I,ve somewhere read, is contrary to etiquette:

(Looking in the old book  left to her by her dead mother,) Where can it be?

Now let me see-

Yes, yes! Here you see, (pointing with her finger to a sentence in the book,)

whispering is contrary to etiquette!

If any well-bred man I knew, polite and gentle, neat and trim,

then I would hint as much to you, and you could hint as much to him.

Now, in plainest print, but,  here it says,  it’s most unladylike to hint.

You may not hint, you must not hint-

It says you mustn’t hint, -in print!

If I loved a man through and through-

(True love and not a passing whim,) then I could speak of it to him.

In this book, but here I find, it doesn’t do,

to speak until you’re spoken to.

Where can it be? Now, let me see,  -yes, yes!

Don’t speak until you are spoken to!”

That is silly, but there are “up-tight”  stiffs,  “stuffed killjoys”  right now, today, who would bring  all

that formal etiquette back again, if they get control of politics and make it “Politically Correct.”

They are the neo-cons, and their screeching cheerleaders, the people of faith who belive that the words in some old book were really written by  “the–hand–of–god.”  That can not be, now let  me see, that day will live in infamy! Almost every line,  jot  and  tit-el (=Pun!  Word-Play!  “EL” is a Semitic word for god, therefore  -God’s Tits.  Not every joke is funny.  Some jokes a very bad, like this one.  The proper spelling for  the word  “tittle.”  Ha! Ha! I’m a fool.)  is known by modern scholars,  where the words came from and how the Faithful Scriptures were made. They were written by humans more, or less like us, not by some Sky God.  Sorry folks, to waste your time “preaching to the choir.”  If you think your self-educated, you should have taken the time to look-up modern Scripture scholarship. So, Miss Rose Maybud is a fictional character, but there are lonely people, who make themselves lonely by having unreasonable expectations of peoples’ behavior. People, like Miss Maybud, will probably die and Old Maid. “Les-culs-beris.”

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