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March 15, 2011 / adgerellis

Paradox, A most Ingenious Paradox

“Human Resources”  in some businesses  are  Anti-Human. To think of people,  -workers as an abstract ” resource” is damn insulting to workers in particular, as if employees were  objects to be used and abused. All people in general  are being insulted, as if chattel! People are not a  corporation’s property!  Just because a person is an employee of a corporation does not suggest that the business owns that person. Yet,  now-a-days some Human Resources managers act like employees are company property.

“Chattel” is a word that can mean property, and ownership like long ago, a slave was his master’s property or chattel. A person, to be  bought, sold and  transferred to a new owner.  There are laws now against discrimination, and the premise of those laws is that people have rights and can not be used as if they are chattel.

“Le Misanthrope” is the name of a play written by a Frenchman whose name is Jean-Baptiste Moliere.  Masseur Moliere was a supporter of the French King.  However, his plays made fun of the society and much of the  snobs, and foolish actions of  very rich people  around and about the year 1666. Yes, that was a long time ago, but the irony is in the old saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Moliere’s plays could be up-dated to show the same  hypocrisy that went on in the year 1666, goes on today. The sad thing is, just as in the year 1666, many “Tea Party” people and political neo-cons do not care that their hypocrisy is publically known.  The public accusation against “The Tea Party” people and the political neo-cons of being hypocrites is cynically accepted almost as a badge of honor.

“Hypocrisy” can be understood as “double-dealing,” or being duplicitous. People who have a double-standard can not be trusted. Having one standard  for your friends and relatives and another behavioral standard for people who you disagree with is in many cases illegal, and if logic had anything to do with life in America, discriminatory.  Human Resources, in business, no doubt has a difficult job getting the right person for the right job. Now here is the point, almost all businesses in the United States can not legally discriminate against hiring people on the basis of race, gender or age. Yet, because of legal “loop-holes” in the laws and recent Supreme Court decisions there is right now a gross violation of the intention and legal spirit of the hiring laws.

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