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March 19, 2011 / adgerellis


Computer companies, also, some agencies in the United States government can steal, falsify information in all the computers on the internet, I believe, without proof.
Mal-ware, spiders, cookies, viruses are just some kind of a big joke to the computer companies, spy agencies, and internet providers. I say, they have a little girl giggle, and a sort of, effeminate “clit'” rush at hurting people.
Government agencies, internet providers, and computer companies hire kids, just, some of them 19, 20 years old.  Many of the kids can not even drink in a bar because they are not old enough. Yet, they come in a “back-door,” note, I call that “TRESPASS!”  FUCK MR. GOVERNMENT! YOU FUCK AND SUCK ASSHOLE!
You and your kind have caused more suffering and misery than your DNA code has miss-prints. Not your secret homosexuality, that is your problem. But, messing-up data, bites and bytes, stealing information, re-rearranging computer configurations you act  “like-a- sodomite” whore.  Again, publicly I have no proof that you and the government agencies that you suck-up to; and fuck you, and the public,  are  sodomite  whores.  But, if you slink around, trespass, steal property, do vandalism by mal-ware, viruses and send web-crawler into private computer systems,that is a crime. Sealing and selling  proprietary information, different from  just stealing images, snoop, send cookies to gather information that is not yours, what else do you do that is illegal? This rant is caused by a whole page of print that just disappeared. I took my time to try to keep my thought honest and true, and then some creep wipes my computer screen clean. That is NO accident!  If you don’t like what I write argue with me face-to-face not anonymously like an effeminate coward, unless you really are a “closet” homosexual, then naturally, “I forgive You  for being a coward.”
The above comments are intended as a satire of conspiracy theories and extreme analytical interpretations, therefore, any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, except for you! In the above text “come in a back-door” is a slang expression for sodomy. As I believe in Reichian analytical interpretations, people who drive their cars close to the rear-end of the car in front of them, also, have a “drive” (treib, sic) to Sodom. “Die zwei Taube Nusse und jede Kugel trifft ja nicht!”

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