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April 4, 2011 / adgerellis


Parody and lampoon has a long an honorable history to point society, and people with power to hidden truth.  Almost, – almost every week there are news stories of  secret political corruption.   That is when satire,  -mockery can  make fun of ideological extremism.  Mockery and spoof can be very instructive  for the  socially dysfunctional, there  to see a reflection of themselves, as other people see them.
Hopefully,  as the Medical Doctor and psychotherapists Alfred Adler explains in his analytical writings,  humor can be the best medicine for a sick society,  -and this blog is printed on Friday-the-thirteenth. “Ditto-Heads,”  there is a rush.

Sorry, there was a delay in postings. There are people in this world who are “chronically lonely.”  Their loneliness is so bad  that they will do anything for companionship  to get attention. Many of these people live alone, old people, maybe with family, but nevertheless they feel uncared for, neglected. They seem to feel that society does not care what happens to them. That the community that they live in is indifferent to their existence, or even cares  if they live or die. Such lonely people are my neighbors.

My life is full.  Artistic interest in video, still photograph, study for college, learning two new languages, computer, and naturally my blog postings, a-work-a-day-job, there is just  no time or even interest in cuddling two people who seem to live in the past.  They have real and imaginary medical complaints. They “nitpick” always complaining  but never willing to learn new things, like computer.  Never doing  anything to make the world or society better.  They create situations, as in “passive-aggression.”  They are seeing and hearing things  that nobody else sees or hears. Then my lonely neighbors  make  a “False Report”  that has no “consensus reality. ”  No!  That foolishness is not for me. Keep my distance from clawing, needy people. That is the reason for the delay in posting.

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