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May 13, 2011 / adgerellis


Most of the women that I had a crush on are dead. Rosalind Russell, Eve Arden, Jean Arthur, Veronica Lake, Jeanette MacDonald are all dead now. There are a few woman still alive that I would like to meet. The British actresses Felicity Kendal, Stephanie Cole, and the American actresses Betty White, and Shirley MacLaine all are clever out going people who are humorous and yet well grounded in “the-ways-of-the-world.” They are not naive or unsophisticated, yet are open and outwardly carefree. I like that in a women and could love them if I had a chance! My first “puppy-love” was a substitute teacher in fourth grade. She was much like “Marian The Librarian,” in the musical “The Music Man.” SEE link…  Can’t remember her name, but I cried for two days because I knew that I would never see her again. I missed her for two whole days. “Puppy-love…” The next woman again was a teacher in the next class room, and “fate be fate'” she coached in in reading and arithmetic. Oh, “little-boy” love for a grown woman happens. She was much like Eve Arden in the persona of “Miss Brooks.” And, Eve Arden was immediately the fixation of my love interest, so young and foolish. See, Eve Arden acting the part of the school teacher, “Miss Brooks.” SEE link…  If there is a woman out there in the whole-wide-world who goes in for “geeky” thinking and yet knows the difference between a penis and a vagina, talk to me, please!

Abstract thinking:  the theory of  the  IMF, banking and economics, science, technology, new business ideas to make money are some of my interest. History and culture in the revision of old ideas, and the retention of some old ideas that have the test-of-time, that are proven to work, or made to work by enforcement are all important to me.

Reading, blogging, video, recording and a very large book collection are my life’s work. No babies yet. No children either. However, if you have an itch, I’ll scratch it. But, please have some kind of a brain and don’t let your vagina rule you mind. Don’t lead, if you can not follow. Don’t jerk me off and walk away. I can’t cum if you don”t come and understand that be both have brains between our gonads. What do I do for fun? A drive to “tourist-traps,” amusement parks, the ocean and mountains all recorded on video, just you and me, and posterity.  For the children, “da-itilly-bitilly-children”  that I don’t have!!!  But, we could try to make,  fun in the sand, on a blanket, or on a high mountain peak, as a voyeur peek on video to see,  discreet,  no vulgar show,   on the internet for the world to know,  that we together are surely man and wife. Do you care?  QSL?

Oh, yes. I almost forgot, “Here, priggy,priggy!”  I have to feed the prissy priggy.

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