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May 14, 2011 / adgerellis




Sexuality is nothing new.   Sexual  explicit  words are nothing new.


Economics is not separated from life.  That is a “given” to any thinking person.  However, we are not in a “deeply thinking”  part of American history.

There is no possible way for the United States to get out of this “economic slump” if the American people are not rational and  do not think deeply.   People,  concentrate  on what kind of society you  want,  and most important,  “quality-of-life”  issues.

This is  NOT  funny to me!  I am trying to type this blog in the library and the library workers keep going around looking over my shoulder. Presumably, to see what I am typing. I  am NOT ashamed of anything that I put in this blog. I hold in utter contempt people who sneak around, definitely a voyeuristic type of personality,  looking to see if they can find something to criticize.  In other words, go out of their way, a busybody, a meddler in things that are  none of their affair.  As an aside, that is just one other reason that I hold the United States security agencies in contempt.  Not only does it seem that they have no idea what they are doing,  and the security agencies clearly break-the-law.   They  break-the-law even more grievously than our supposed enemies. Many of the people working for the security agencies are “poor rich boys”  that graduate from “Ivy League” schools  and can’t find a job anywhere else. That is just my opinion. Empty of value, with no proof!

Vulgarity, like “beauty” is in the eye, or in some cases, the mouth (or ear,)  of the beholder. Sarcasm comes to me naturally, because it seems self-evident that the United States is not the  “whole world.”  What we do in the United States, what we think, what we say, does not amount  to a pile of shit to the rest of the world.

And now that I am making enemies, I might as well let it  “all-hang-out.”  Such self-willful ignorance on the part of many Americans have brough on this “recession-economic depression.”

I was born in the year 1941. The only real way for people to communicate was to write a letter, buy some printed media, telephone, or listen to the radio or go to the movies, or buy some phonograph records. Now, today, contemporary America, at the present time, has “information-over-load!” There is simply no excuse to be ignorant of what the rest of the word thinks and does. Our little country on the continent of North America might be important to us, but for the most part, the rest of the world does not give  a  “rat’s ass”  what goes on here.  So you are offended by the word  “FUCK!”   “Well,  fuck you.”   I am truly sorry for you.  No sarcasm intended.  I pity you for being a fool and an ignoramus to boot!  With all the tragedy and suffering in the world and the only thing that you can fixate on are the few “deadly words” that the FCC will not allow, you really are a pitiful fool.

When the “World  Trade  Towers” went down do you really think that nobody used the “forbidden words?” When an airplane is about to crash do you think nobody uses the “forbidden words?”  When you finely realize that you are not immortal, and about to die, maybe in some tragic way, can you be certain that you will not let out an “expletive.”

No! With out knowing you, if you are so conceded, and certain in your belief, then you are the problem with America. You will change you belief, or die in ignorance of the “real world.”  Now fool!  THAT DOES NOT MEAN FOR YOU TO GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO BE CRUDE OR VULGAR. You see, that is proof that the words are not the problem. The proof is that there  is a  spitefulness  in the person who finds easy resentment  in  words that other people use.  Even, an irrational anger, an  “explosive rage”  that has no reason in  apparent reality. That goes for the new fad of   “passive-aggressive”   open mouth sneezing and coughing in public.  That sneezing and coughing has no medical cause, but in many causes does have a deeply troubling  psychological cause.

No,  America,  this  “economic-slump-cum-recession” will not end until you get off your self-righteous  “high-horse”  and wake-up  that the United States is not the most important country in the world. Maybe, China, Japan or even Brazil can show the US how to have a good thriving economy.  L-O-L !  Like, low wages and bad working conditions.  “Now see this link, that the music we listen to can not only affect behavior, but our brain’s perception of the world and society…  “Neue Forschungsergebnisse auf Vorjahresneuroscience-Konferenz in San Diego von Gottfried Schlaug, MD, PhD, stellte darauf hin, dass Musik auch eine bedeutende Rolle als Lehrmittel und als Medium, um ein breites Spektrum von Lernstörungen behandeln zu spielen. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass Musik fördert die Plastizität des Gehirns und auditiven Verarbeitung, insbesondere durch die Entwicklung der Fähigkeiten der ein Musikinstrument spielt.

“Hören und Musizieren ist nicht nur ein Hörerlebnis, aber es ist eine multisensorische und Motor-Erfahrung ist. Musizieren über einen langen Zeitraum kann die Gehirnfunktion und Hirnstruktur verändern”, sagte Schlaug. Lesen Sie die Originalquelle:


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