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May 19, 2011 / adgerellis


Sigmund Freud,  Alfred Adler  and  Wilhelm Reich,  from my understanding of their writings, all thought that the study of human sexuality was  imperative for  mental health.

The following idea is absolutely important for good mental health.  Human sexuality for some people must be learned and taught. Humans, if as a social animal can not depend on instinct to “drive” their sexual actions. ( Sorry, for the quotation marks around the word “drive.” That is to show that the word is being use as jargon, in the Reichian sense.)

Good and clever spoofing, a lampoon,  should give a clue, somewhere in the joke, an indication,  subtle and skillfully,  that what is written or shown is not to be taken seriously. That cleverness of the satire is the difference between raw vulgarly crass  humor and burlesque.

Joke:  Boy Scouts  were  helping old people across a heavily busy street.  One elderly person seemed to be having a lot of difficulty. When the Boy Scout  got the person to the other side of the street,  the person said, “Thank you for helping me, but I did not want to go across the street.”

Sexuality is sometimes like the Boy Scouts helping people across the busy street, sometimes we just do not want to go there.

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