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May 21, 2011 / adgerellis


Passive-aggressive personality is a troubling problem.

Most  rational people, if asked, will probably say that they are good  at driving a car.

However, just a superficial observation will show that  many people are not good drivers. Laws against cellphone use while driving still has done nothing to stop that  practice. The State of New Jersey has traffic signs that are posted,  “YIELD.” That sign is supposed to mean, that the car entering a road with the “YIELD” sign  must give-the-right-of-way.  Again,  just a short look at merging traffic will show that the “YIELD” sign is almost never obeyed. In front of many buildings, there are yellow or white painted lines on the street. Those stripes and lines mean, “NO PARKING.   Yet, again, cars are almost abandoned  illegally on those lines.

Please! Please understand that I take no action on these illegally practices. On an individual level what people do with their cars makes no difference to me. That goes for most illegal  conduct. The point is, that if a person is sensible and sane they will not put their car in a place where it will get damaged, or drive in such a way that they could get  injured. We know that cars do get damaged. We know that people do put there cars in places where drivers  are likely to get killed or injured. Much of that kind of driving seems to be passive-aggression.

Some people who claim to speak for the neocons and their lackeys  “The Tea Party” people,  have made themselves clear,  they do not like President Obama. Like spoiled-sports. Like petulant children.  Just to be contrary, they take their hostility out on  innocent people by driving badly. That kind of action is not only immature,  it shows a lack of clear thinking. That folks, is for the most part the social history of  The United States.  A lack of clear thinking. Everything from the land grab by Europeans from the Native Americans, to institutionalize slavery, the vaunted free market capitalism has brought misery and pain to all humanity. Now, to exacerbate the social-pathology some people who do not like President Obama use their cars as weapons.  These fools make the “quality-of-life” in the United States go down and the “misery-index” go up,  as if they where immune from their actions. The logical conclusion is that they are crazy. Such social “S  & M” should be examined and restrained. They are misanthropes.

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