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May 23, 2011 / adgerellis

Educated People vs. Government

“Toute nation a le gouvernment qu’elle mirite.”

Alexis de Tocqueville has been said to have written, in translation,  “Every country has the government it deserves.”  There are various forms of this quote, “In a democracy, people get the government that they deserve,” and “People will always elect the government they deserve.”

Joseph de Maistre is probably the real author of the above quote. Whatever, Wilhelm Reich in his comment on pathological government actions would probably agree with the quote.


In the United States today, there seems to be a spiteful meanness on the part of the neocons and some hysterics  who  will not concede that President Obama  has been elected President of the United States. This mental illness, a rejection of an accomplished fact, could develop in to a serious social-pathology. Social-pathology goes in many cases with extreme sadistic religiosity… To quote Doctor Reich,

“The cohesion of sadistic brutality and mystical sentiments is usually to be met with wherever the normal capacity to experience orgasm is disturbed. And this is as true of mass murder of our time as it was of the inquisitors of the Middle Ages or the brutality and mysticism of Philip II of Spain. If hysteria does not stifle unresolved excitation in nervous impotence, or compulsive neurosis does not stifle the same excitation in a futile and grotesque compulsive symptoms, the patriarchal-authoritarian compulsive order offers sufficient opportunity for sadistic-mystical discharges. The social rationalization of such behavior effaces its pathological character.” LOOK ! THINK ! See this video…

Hubble Deep Field:Most Important Image <=


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