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May 27, 2011 / adgerellis

Born Again Jesus Freaks!

SOL-INVICTUS!  Son-of-the-Sun God!

Mithraism was an ancient religion that was in competition with Christianity for male converts.  Men, warriors,  soldiers,  but not woman could join the God Mithra in a blood bath of bulls blood.

“Sol Invictus!  Sol Invicto Comiti!” Emperor Constantine in 325  Current Era, called a Christian meeting in the Turkish town of Nicaea. At that church council many theological decisions were made. Among the ideas put into writing was that the person called “Jesus” is of the same “substance” as the supreme  deity. In other words, the person and man known as “Jesus”  is the same as “the-most-high-god.” That is one of the big divisions between Islam and Christianity. That, the true nature of Jesus, the man, is not the only separation between the two religions.

Ancient pagans, and certainly Emperor Constantine had three very important arguments against Christianity.

Firstly,  “Jesus was King.”

Secondly, the Christian actually wanted the end-of-the-world.

Thirdly, even back then, many Christians were celibate and virgins.

Emperor Constantine and many ancient people thought if  Christians ever ruled the world, the Christians would bring about the end of the world. A man-made apocalypse. The Christians would not breed, and replenish the human race. The Christians wanted their “King Jesus” to rule the world. The Christians wanted to bring an end to the Roman Empire. And Christianity did bring about the end of the Roman Empire, or at lest some self-proclaimed Christian denominations brag that Christianity  ended  the  “European Classical Age.” Now, some Christians look on the Middle-Ages, medieval Europe as a good time for the Christian Religion. That was a time, as some Christians would have people believe, of spiritual-insight and longing to go to heaven to be with their  Christian King Jesus and his angels. However, the well-known scientist Stephen Hawking think’s otherwise.  Go to the following link and read what Stephen Hawking’s think’s:… Right on, now! Christian why take the “back-handed” wish for you to go right now to be with your slave master and lord Jesus, as an insult? The wish is honest and sincere, only as you want, proclaim and pray that you go to “Heaven” and be with Jesus when “He” calls for you. So, go now! Be with the slave master and King. May his peace in death, be your blessing.

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