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May 27, 2011 / adgerellis


Reincarnation and karma are much better religious controls of social behavior than the ideas of heaven and hell. Existential reality in fact, makes us all responsible for our own behavior. Reicarnation and karma act something like, as they say on the street,  -what goes around, comes around..

Islam does not try to describe the nature of god. God is an abstraction.  Generally, Islamic Faith considers speculation on the nature of god to be blaspheme.

“Jesus-the-deity-incarnate” was declared to be the same substance as the supreme deity. “Homo- ousia”  is the theological word for that idea.

Occult  and esoteric tradition claims  that world religious systems can  only last approximately two thousand years without a major doctrinal change.

Not only do  new discoveries put pressure on religion to change, but population diversity makes a  doctrinal   change  necessary.

Nicene Creed  that exist today is the creation of  Emperor Constantine. The emperor wanted to pull together all the diversity that used “Jesus” and  Christ  within his control as a religious symbol. Diversity of what “Christ” and “Jesus” really was, was not homogeneous in the year 325 C E.

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