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June 2, 2011 / adgerellis

How to put your head in the sand.

The population of Europe is getting smaller. Death of Europeans is greater than the birth rate.

The  Amazon River does not go anywhere in Europe, but amazons do go throughout Europe.

Sappho had an island, the name was called Lesbos.  Do amazons dream of that “paradise” island?

The Aegean is a beautiful  sea,  from the pictures shown on the screen. You all can go there, in real life.  Flock, trip, why wait for a dream?

             “Must I remind you, Cleis,  that sounds of grief are unbecoming in a poet’s house?

               and that they are not suitable in ours?”

How to put your head in the sand. 

             “And Eros, my servant, availed me not!

So, wails Cytherea, grief-distraught.

             “Who shall console me for thee?  There is none-

Not Ares my god, passionate one who sware in his jealousy forth to haul,

             Hephaestus from his place.”

Horizontal-leap, the phage, go on, play children, play. 

“In the days of Sappho,” written by John Williams Godward in the year 1904,  we learn of an idealized place, mothers, daughters, sisters, females all.  A death sentence for  humanity, – extinction,  playing in the shadow of the minarets. Like the proverbial ostrich, head in the sand, no one will see you, if you don’t see them.  A  horizontal-leap, the phage,  made by ” The Man,”  maybe there is good reason for you ( on purpose )  Miss.  Andry.

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