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June 4, 2011 / adgerellis


Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a tragic case of an “ALpha-Male.”

There is no way to know the true facts of what happen.  All that is publicly known are the  newspaper articles, one quoted as follows.

                                        “On May 14 during a stay in a luxury hotel suite at the Sofitel  NewYork …   A court filing by New York  City Police   Detective Steven Lane alleged that Strauss-Kahn grabbed the maid’s  breasts, attempted to pull down her pantyhose and forced her to engage in oral sex. Strauss-Kahn has denied the allegations.”

First, there are accusations on the internet that large hotels in New York City usually have more than one  maid  in attending  a suite. Even if that is not the case, just common sense, not only for the safety of the guests, but the hotel’s workers as well,  should not be  attending to the rooms at the same time that a guest is there. Just for such an eventuality. The naiveté, (or is it really a sociopathic,  unconscious desire to break dull monotony of every life) is astonishing. There is just no good reason that a large hotel, in one of the biggest cities in the world, and an economic centre for crime and finance, should not think of the safety of the guest and worker first. Was there not even a walkie-talkie, or emergency phone? Didn’t the hotel give the maid an orientation so that she could get out of that terrible situation with  finesse, or tact.  No humor intended, “If you can  not  fight,  run!”

Secondly, I will eventually put names to account. Not yet, though. Squirm. Let the rats know that eventually they will be exposed with  in  mixed metaphor.

Yes, I like women sexually. However, if a woman is not comfortable being a female and she just wants to be “one-of-the-guys”  then she gets the-brush-off.  Bad girls do cry, in the long run. I am not “blowing Mary Jane.” A mixed metaphor or not, the Amazon is a trip a lot of women never get over. How can I prove that just as many women hurt men,  apparently intentionally, as men hurt women? If a man or woman does not know their sexual identity there is no way that I can help them. That does not mean, or imply a temporary dysfunction. The way American society is, it is a wonder anybody can function sexually. I am mostly referring to the prigs.

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