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June 7, 2011 / adgerellis


“Fewer Kids”  in a  newspaper article in USA TODAY, Friday, June 3, 2011 tells quite a story.

I have always known how difficult it is to raise a family.  And  house ownership is difficult too, for that matter. The up keep can be brutal for both family and home.

My boss at a security site that I worked at was a Haitian. On Fathers Day he use to say to me, “Happy Father’s Day.” Rub it in. Some Haitians as a minority group in the US, live in enclaves, I dread to think of their deep pain and hurt after the recent earthquake and cholera epidemic. The horror is more than I could take. Homelessness, sick and dying children with dead bodies everywhere. Not some fantasy show. The suffering must stink to high heaven. However, the seeming indifference to the tragedies in the world by the American people is really troubling. What do you expect? That is,  -CAPITALISM AS AN ECONOMIC SYSTEM! Capitalism with few exceptions is always indifferent to extreme suffering. NO!  Don’t make excuses.

If the capitalist money system was not  indifferent to massive suffering then were are the jobs?  Were is the work at a living-wage? Laissez faire capitalism is a moral disaster for most of humanity. Oh, yes there are a few people who will be successful in a purely “laissez faire” economy. Most people are not clever enough, strong enough, immoral enough (=indifferent enough to other people’s suffering) so that they will let children die, handicap live in pain and old people waste away without a care. Capitalism as practiced in America does not have jobs at a decent-living-wage for everybody who is able to work. That is a serious flaw in the capitalism system. Were are the jobs to raise a family?  “Now see this link, that the music we listen to can not only affect behavior, but our brain’s perception of the world and society…  “Neue Forschungsergebnisse auf Vorjahresneuroscience-Konferenz in San Diego von Gottfried Schlaug, MD, PhD, stellte darauf hin, dass Musik auch eine bedeutende Rolle als Lehrmittel und als Medium, um ein breites Spektrum von Lernstörungen behandeln zu spielen. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass Musik fördert die Plastizität des Gehirns und auditiven Verarbeitung, insbesondere durch die Entwicklung der Fähigkeiten der ein Musikinstrument spielt.

“Hören und Musizieren ist nicht nur ein Hörerlebnis, aber es ist eine multisensorische und Motor-Erfahrung ist. Musizieren über einen langen Zeitraum kann die Gehirnfunktion und Hirnstruktur verändern”, sagte Schlaug.

Lesen Sie die Originalquelle:

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