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June 9, 2011 / adgerellis

Tax Yin. Tax Yang.

I am the feminine

I am the masculine

I am the one and I am both.

My darkness can be trying

My light can be blinding…….Click here


Shops and stores have buildings and  real tangible assets. Cyberspace is an abstraction that could be located anywhere, maybe not even in the United States.

Tax-the -air.  The legal beavers will have a field day.

The reason shops and stores pay taxes is because they have a real tangible location,  that has land value,  usually fixed, static  and stable.  The internet businesses are anywhere, any place, anytime.   The internet is like a  “cloud,”  (Ha! Ha!)  a   fog,  a  will-o-the-wisp and an abstraction as electrons, bites and bytes flow through the air. Tax the air? Tax  “Yin & Yang!”

If you have land, buildings and tangible assets, and use  local  public  utilities and services then  you should pay taxes as any property owner does.  The internet businesses are not like that. The internet business are like the air, free as a bird.

Honest and pure  financial conservatives would remember the words of  Patrick Henry, or was it James Otis (who’s he?), and  Nigel Farage, “pas de taxation sans representation”  or to put the revolutionary slogan another way, “Taxes sans representation c’est de la tyrannie.”

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