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June 10, 2011 / adgerellis



Two!!!  2!  Two major problem are most urgent for humanity.

New “technologies” and the large world population are the most important issues for humanity. These issues are not a problem as some ultra-rich people would like all of us to believe. Some super-rich people would have us believe as the   NAZIs did, “WE  HAVE  OUR  WAYS,”  to solve the technological and world population “problems.” The quotation marks are around the word “problems” be cause that is the word some  people use to describe the issues in the world today. What they, the ultra-rich think has been put in stone! That is not a  cliché or metaphor. That is not just blowing smoke!  Read the following .  That is not the way to solve the issues humans have to deal with.    THINK!  THINK!    Click. Click.  Hyper-link             …………………………

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