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June 10, 2011 / adgerellis



Socialism has many forms as an economic system,   -just as capitalism does.

Participatory Socialism,”  just as  in the fictitious  participatory republic of the United States of America,  is said,  by some people,  to be a “democracy.”   -Just as the  the United States  has an “off-the-books” way of running the government…

“Socialism,”  as an economic idea is not a monolithic system.

Neo-cons to some extent seem to think that “socialist” are vengeful and jealous of rich people. That seems to be a tacit  assumption,  like in the sarcastic phrase, “Tax the rich!”  That is exactly what it is,  -frustration of poor people in an expression of sarcasm. For example,  in the 1988 motion picture, “Eat the Rich.”  Click here…   Maybe,  there are a few sick psychopaths out  there in the wide-wide-world,   with a population of approximate six  billion, five hundred million and going-up, that should be no surprise.          A  few ideological crazies might really want to eat the rich!  Sort of the  Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy of economics. Click here…

Fool! Do not miss understand. Cannibalism and vampires horrify, and is so horrific that trembling is happening  just typing theses words. They are not funny!!!  Except, in an iconic sense, as emotional catharsis a laugh might come out. Like a nocturnal ejaculation. Sometime, the subconscious mind must release inner muscular tension and that inner tension can be released in “strange” ways. The quotation marks  around the word “strange” is to indicate that what is strange to one person might be natural and common to another person. There is nothing strange for a person to have a night-time emission and discharge, though that discharge might horrify some people. A comical motion picture can be funny on one level to the simple-minded, but very serious to people who have empathy and emotional identification with  the subject of the joke. Oh, yes we can laugh at the joke, but the outside humor hides a pain and deep hurt that takes the form of a sardonic laugh, or even open mouth hysterical laughter,  … laughter  can be a catharsis to  release the deeply felt emotional pain.


The point being, that for the most part socialism is not a contrary jealous reaction against rich capitalist.  But , socialism  is an economic system created because of a real social need.

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