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June 15, 2011 / adgerellis


Healthy sex in Doctor Wilhelm Reich’s study of life’s actions is important for a strong body and mind.

1920s in those early years of psychoanalysis, the understanding of schizophrenia, hysteria, autism, emotional depression and the schizoid type of personality disorders were not clear.

Doctor Reich in his study of sexuality came to the conclusion that many of  the serious problem  in life could be overcome by an active and most importantly,  a healthy sex life. Many people in the medical and mental health fields make fun of Doctor Reich’s conclusions.

Rat’s SHIT!   It happened again. I don’t know what kind of f fools  spy hackers think people are,  there  just are not words in all the languages on Earth to put down my contempt for  the childish ignorance of people, or now for the willfully ignorant!!!

Yes!  I agree.   An excess of exclamation marks is silly.  However,  what am I to do when the disrespect shown by secret hackers, some “clique,”  inside government and private corporations, either by some advanced computer programme, or the voyeuristic watchers   come into a computer and take over the computer screen? This computer has “spell check.”  What happens is the “cursor” starts to move by its self, then  goes by its self  flying across the screen, then gets “stuck,” or what might be called “frozen” to the computer screen and will not move. The “space bar” will not work, and there are no spaces between words. Then the cursor starts to move to the centre of a word, gets stuck again, then another sentence from another part of the text “pops-up” with the cursor bar in the centre of part of a sentence that has moved by its self added to, and fixed to just part of  a  sentence that has moved from some other part of the page. That might be funny to a “dimwit”  hacker,  but for  me it is not  fun  and shows disrespect  to me and every blogger who is trying to communicate ideas  that the blogger  feels  honestly and clearly. That kind of  foolishness just makes the quality-of-life go down for everybody. A whole paragraph  just  disappears  from the computer screen!   What is shown on the  NEXT  post pops-up on the screen. “SERVER   MAINTENANCE ”  Ha! Ha! ASSHOLE!  Then “blue screen! Some parts of  a  sentence, or just part of a word has “blue screen”  come up.  You really are in need of Doctor Reich’s psychoanalysis.

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