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July 8, 2011 / adgerellis


URGENT!  Extinction Level Event,  here after referred to as “ELE.” 

An Urgent Report On A Possible ELE.

1946 I was six years old.  My father took me to the movies to see the Disney film “The Song of the South.”

Oh,  Christ what a goofy kid I was!  There is an iconic song in that film, “Zip-ity-Do-Da.”  Oh,  how fuck’n gay!

Parents watch your children.  Fuck’n  six years old when I saw  that film. The year was 1946!       -A  closing war year.

For the love I feel for “Zip-ity-Do-Da,”  even at almost 70 years old, that song can bring  copious tears  of  joy, “love” and happiness  to my eyes.  At 6 years old, singing and dancing around the neighborhood  singing, “Zip-ity-Do Da.” Remember, that was in the year 1946, still just singing that song to myself got me through many-a-hard-time.  That song was a real joy and comfort to me when the “Hard-Knocks-Of-Life-Hit.” No  copyright infringement intended, but click here and check out your feelings…

Remember I was born in 1941, a war year.  A lot of songs and music on the radio was  patriotic.  A little 6 year old is very impressionable to the music that is heard. Some of the music on the radio was war music from World War One! Yes, people revive old war songs, recycled patriotic music for a new war.  See, I was in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, and though 26 years old at the time, those old songs came-into-my-head.  Now fool,  I can sill cry, tears in my eyes, what a jerk I am…Cleck your feeling when you hear this “Old-War-Horse”

Ironically, See: “An Urgent Report On A Possible ELE.”

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