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July 12, 2011 / adgerellis


OK! First,  the aardvarks. This is a picture of an aardvark.

That is the end of  the subject of aardvark.

OK!  Secondly, this computer has a virus, malware, or spy-ware. Who, how, why, when I’ve got no idea.

All I know is that the computer act’s  by its self, without  a key stroke. At other times, the computer does not respond at all, to any commands. This computer just “freezes” and stops working. This hacker attack was deliberate, but let’s try to go on and work around the problem. Oh, bitter-sweet irony, veiled retribution. Ha-Ha, Don’t know what I mean? Good!

So, the nitty-gritty is if you will click  the following..

Now, never wonder why the NAZIs were so crazy. Check  out our own police and military by clicking here…

By the US Army Standard I. Q. Test, I only have an I.Q. of 110. That is nothing to brag about, yet still….

the nitty-gritty can be disarming..I mean click here….

Like, I mean, “Let Us Entertain You”…

The past is prologue!   “They’re comimg to take … ”   Sarcasm intended. The “truth” is, we all are in this world together, and the   “National Debt”   (capital letters intended,) will not matter when we are all dead. Get real! Tea Party, Neo-cons, look at this, you are creating a world that you will have to live in. Check this out,  cliché  and  saccharin….link here:

If I had my way, I’d do  not’n  but,  jerk-off and smoke a “doobie.”   I can  not do that. I will not do that. That  would be a waste.

What else is there to do? Oh, sweet, sweet sarcasm.

Capitalism is a failed economic system, if capitalism, can not or will not, provide enough jobs for everybody who wants to work; at a good enough pay to support themself and family with a  “quality-of -life”  that makes the effort worthwhile. There is in all honesty no  objectivity in America for wealthy and upper middle class people to pride themselves, when the very land that they live on was stolen from the Native Americans, the founding wealth of America was made with slavery, and even now many American corporations are virtually stealing raw metals and food stuffs from the rest of the world. Well, where  are the jobs Mr. Capitalist?

Capitalist obviously can lie to themselves, but the rest of the world’s  population is not so gullible. Ha! Ha ! Another sardonic snarl against America,  true or not,  accusations of political assassinations….Should We Have Nuremberg Trials for American NeoCons Now…

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