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July 13, 2011 / adgerellis


Adam Smith first  published “Wealth of Nations” in the year 1776.

Karl Marx first published “The Communist Manifesto” in 1848.

A lot of his-story has happened between the years 1776 and the year 1848.

72 years made for  a big change in science, technology,   politics and population.

Historically,  existentially,  Adam Smith knew less about economics than Karl Marx. Adam Smith’s publication being earlier than Karl Marx, there was less information for Adam Smith to know  and understand.

2011 international debt problems could be solved in approximately six months.

All four nations, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Italy all have colleges, schools, and modern industry that can produce a very high standard of goods and services.

Thomas S. Kuhn in his book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”  explains quite clearly how any nation, for example,  Greece or Portugal can make money in international markets and pay off their debt. Click here….

All that is needed is a revolutionary product or service that will be in demand by the international markets with an  exclusive product protection. As in this example, for Greece or Portugal, so that the rest of the world markets will pay a very high price for the exclusive new product or service.  That is where  the schools, colleges,  and universities must come up with novel innovations that will be in demand worldwide.  Exhibit one…  ->  РОССИЯ пострадала от метеорита. См. сайт

…Oroszország által sújtott meteorit  ->रूस उल्का द्वारा मारा…>-ロシアは隕石に襲わ….-> 러시아는 운석에 맞고

In other words, Exhibit two… 러시아는 운석에 맞고,  “Research & Development.”  Россия пострадала от МЕТЕОРИТ  !  “R&D” with the practical intention of a national exclusive  monopoly.  For example,  copy the virtual monopoly of DeBeers International.  Exhibit three, click …  Click here, Exhibit two…From the Great Soviet Encyclopedia;   Exhibit three…  Exhibit four…   Proprietary formula, exhibit.  Close with,

“To this day, Coca-Cola uses a United States license to purify the coca leaf for medicinal use.[3]

Because cocaine is naturally present in coca leaves, today’s Coca-Cola uses “spent,” or treated, coca leaves, those that have been through a cocaine extraction process, to flavor the beverage. The coca leaves are imported from countries like Peru and Bolivia, and they are treated by chemical company Stepan, which then sells the de-cocainized residue to Coca-Cola.[4] Some contend that this process cannot extract all of the cocaine alkaloids at a molecular level, and so the drink still contains trace amounts of the stimulant.[1][5] The Coca-Cola Company currently refuses to comment on the continued presence of coca leaf in Coca-Cola.[6][7] (=Attribution  Wikipedia).”

Now, do not go-off-half-cocked,  Click link,  –  or if it makes you feel better, “go-off -half-cocked,”  for the following is meant to be provocative for emotive-shock value, as a thought-experiment. Silly-as-it-may-seem,   -if  somebody in Greece or Portugal,  should  for  military and  industrial reasons,   -the rest of the world’s  “Super-Powers”  take note,  with great economic deference to Greece or Portugal,  create a “Star-Gate,” or “Time Machine”  their debt would be forgiven as morning fog disappears. “METHOD OF GRAVITY DISTORTION,” by Dr. Marvin B. Pohlman.         –Patent Publication,  Pub. No. : U.S. 2006/0073976  A1    Pub. Date:  Apr. 6, 2006.  See citation click here…

Naturally,  those ideas are silly, but the point is emotive, any new revolutionary product, exclusive to any nation, for sale at the highest price possible, will pay-off any debt quickly.

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