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July 14, 2011 / adgerellis





“Oh, bitter-sweet irony, veiled  retribution,”   from the previous blog. A joke that has to be explained is not really very funny.

However,  let’s try a lyrical explanation…link here,

Economically, food, shelter, and clothing are needed for a good life.

Now-a-days, add medical expense and entertainment  (=play) are both needed for a good life. (My grandmother use   to say, “All work and no play  makes Jack a dull boy.” I might add, that in today’s economy, “All play and no work makes Jack a fool!)

A nation, or person is “poor” to the extent that they can provide, food, shelter, clothing, medical services and entertainment  (play).

Education, and especially, vocational training is the way for a person and nation to pay off their debt.

Deficit spending should not be a problem,  either for an individual person, or a group of people, as in a nation when they earn enough money to pay off their debt through, innovation, and invention. The only contemporary way to do that now, is through education. Generally, the days of the garage and basement tinkerer is over. However, that said, there are people out-there in the  wide-wide-world who have some really startling revolutionary ideas.

Innovation and invention is the answer to paying down the national deficit.

Social alienation and loneliness are an extremely serious problem in the United States, and education, generally and vocational training specifically can solve the problem of chronic loneliness. Better yet, an educated population can contribute to the over-all-wealth of the nation by creating new markets, products and services that can be taxed, and generate national wealth.

This is my own bias, but from my own 69 years on this Earth, what seems to be lacking in the United States education right  now, are…

Firstly,  useful skills to add to the economic potential of the nation.

Secondly, vocabulary skills so that  ideas and feelings can be expressed more precisely, with some degree of exactitude.

Third, Logic in the classical sense, for clear thinking is needed.  The problem of “Brain Fog” and  muddled think in the United States is a national disgrace. Not just an academic quibble to know the difference between an “ad hominem argument,”  (see link… and a “non sequitur.”

Four, Geography. Surprise! Surprise! Geo-centrism is not only a European idea. Generally, the population of the United States is so astonishingly ignorant of world geography that my silly-simple-minded satire, “VIENNA, VIENNA IT IS YOU ALONE!” ( See link …  could be taken as a serious  commentary. Generally, again many Americans are so “dim-witted” that they have no logical ability to know  satire from a serious fact based statement. And then, generally, but not always, Americans get angry when they find out the joke is on them.

There was a national delivery truck driver who stop to ask me  “Where is Nova Scotia?”  Another driver asked me, “What country is New Mexico?” I didn’t mock him, but I felt like saying, ” Between the Republic of Texas and the Republic of California.” Wise-ass, me! Please, do not think that I am malicious. We all fall back on our life experiences, and mine is full of “light” sarcasm, puns and word-play.  My personality was developed in the 1940’s when radio was the major means of communication. It was not until 1948 that I even saw a TV set. I was totally clueless at eight years old. What did I know about this thing called  “television.”  Radio, in 1940’s used a lot of irony,  sarcasm, puns and word play to hold the audience’s attention. Listening to radio is probably where I picked up some of my personality traits.  Sarcasm, included.  There is no intention on my part to be vicious and mean-spirited. The quips, and jabs, puns and word-play just seems to come naturally. For example, at work the telephone rang, and a co-worker said, “What should we do (about the telephone ringing). I said, “Can you think your way out of a paper bag?” He got mad at me and complained to the boss. While the phone was still ringing. What did I do about the phone ringing?  Ha! Ha! What would you do about such a  minutiae?

Five, STD.  Sexually Transmitted Disease is so serious a problem that the entire “Body Politic” has been twisted-out-of-shape. Witness the Neo-cons and Tea Party. Twisted.

Doctor Wilhelm Reich, in his writings gave this clue about STD, and the “Body Politic.”

“Fascism at times must deliberately use the industrial capitalists, and at other times praising the “revolutionary” powers of the workers. All forms of fascism must work both sides of the contradiction (whether sexual or economic) and play them off of each other as shifting conditions dictate.” That quote is from a biography about Doctor Reich. Doctor Reich goes on to write,

“In practice the ruling class allowed itself all kinds of sexual ‘perversions.’ Nazi officers certainly did not confine themselves to idealized Mother Deutschland any more than they restricted themselves to monogamy. The contrast between party theory and actual practice created another contradiction at the heart of the ruling class, the same class that shut down public forums for sexual release such as the wilder cabarets. They acted out both sides of the contradiction between desire and suppression with no effort to integrate them; that is, they were as sexually impotent as Don Juan. But if the lower classes dared to act this way, the results could be swift and deadly.”

“More quotes  from a biography about Doctor Reich, “Reich recounted how a young woman was paraded through the streets of Nuremberg on August 13, 1933. Her head was shaven, and she had to carry a placard that stated, ‘I have offered myself to a Jew.’ The SA  (Hitler’s storm troopers, Sturmabteilung, who were later liquidated by the Gestapo during the ‘Night of the Long Knives’) escorted her through the town, making sure that she was presented before all of the prominent international hotels. Had a wealthy capitalist ‘experimented’ with a Jewish maid (in a pre-Nuremberg Law era), no fuss would have been made. Transgression was first defined in class terms, then became a racial/blood issue for the ruled class. Of course, the ruling class must at least pretend to uphold the patriarchal code, but it also had the secret privilege of violating it.”  So, it is the “same old, same old.” His-story just goes around in circles. This is serious, but this posting must end for now. The only thought I’d like to leave with,  Click here… is more lyrical satire…

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