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July 20, 2011 / adgerellis

INTERNATIONAL DEBT CRISIS: STD, Sexually Transmitted Disease


A real sexual orgasm is the primary “drive” of all life.  According to Doctor Wilhelm Reich, even very old people should be sexually active. Doctor Reich hinted in his sexual research that in some cases, not all, but generally, the degenerative disease attributed to “old age’ is caused by a lack of, or frustrated sexual instinct. STD, and  venereal disease generally, both conscious and sub-consciously frustrated the sexual instinct. Now, here is the most basic point, again quoted from Doctor Reich’s biography,..

“Pathology works because it opens up yet abjures the healthy (sexual) core. By abjecting what it secretly evokes, orgiastic potency is tragically cathected through sadism:

                                           The cohesion of sadistic brutality and mystical (religious) sentiments is usually to be met with wherever the normal capacity to experience orgasm is disturbed. And this is as true of mass murderer of our time as it was of the inquisitors of the Middle Ages…”(NOTE: Once again a robot control, spyware, or some sort of “hacking cookie” came into this computer and took control of the screen. Data was lost, and retyping had to be done. I go over this text with “spell check,”  and a paper dictionary and yet when I come back and read the text, letters are missing from words and typing errors and punctuation mistakes are all over the place.  Hey,  -kids, it’s very easy to destroy, but it takes time and effort to make something useful. Whoever is doing this you really need psychological  help. However, life will probably teach you to respect other people’s property, the hard way.)

To continue,  Doctor Reich wrote,

                            “If a hysteria does not stifle unresolved excitation in nervous impotence, or a compulsive neurosis does not stifle the same excitation in futile and grotesque compulsive symptoms, the patriachal-authoritarian compulsive order offers sufficient opportunity for sadistic-mystical (religious) discharges. The social rationalization of such behavior effaces its pathological character.”

Apologies for this long quote, but this is extremely important for personal health and the international debt crisis, to go on…”Thus if personal pathology (such as hysteria or compulsive neurosis) does not do its perverse job of transforming the psyche into a fully armored and neurotic character structure, then the state has the means to do so. Therefore both the primal father figure and the displaced Oedipal object have already captured any neurotic patient who could have potentially become a healthy individual. Once the state does its uncanny work, through its microcosmic agent the patrarchal family, then individual therapy will have only limited effect. The transition from personal psychoanalysis to the SEXPOL agenda is necessitated by the loss of individual autonomy (and any personal hero myth) within the fascist structure, itself grounded in the veiled class war. In this social/psychological analysis, a neurosis is a product of antecedent social/patriarchal forces, and its embeddedness within the total character structure places it beyond the curative reach of the Vienna model of psychoanalysis…

Mysticism, which Reich defined as sadistically tinged amorphous lonnging for what has been taken away-the orgasm-was the perfect religion for the fascist personality type…” Never doubt, the Tea Party and Neo-cons have made it clear that they are “obstructionist” of President Obama…don’t get a rush

So,  fine for now, but on a queer fascist musical note:

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