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July 22, 2011 / adgerellis



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by Robert Graves. Published by Doubleday &  Company, Inc 1960.


The  following may be considered a book review.

Robert Graves made comment on  the ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries in his book,   “FOOD FOR CENTAURS: STORIES, CRITICAL STUDIES, POEMS.” The point of this book review is to suggest that Greece might revive the Eleusinian Mysteries in some form or another. Even Portugal has an ancient history of  occult and arcane “Mysteries.” These  “Mysteries”  could be a patriotic national, historical and tourist rallying point, not only to make money from the  tourist business  but, as a point of historical national patriotic, scholarly and educational  honor.

Here,  follows the text as put down by Robert Graves…

“And Tantalus, who had often dined a Zeus’s table on Mount Olympus, was being punished not only for the crime of having tried to trick the gods into cannibalism but, worse, for having set ambrosia, their sacred food, before his mortal friends…

“The meaning of   ‘ambrosia,’  the food of the gods, like  ‘nectar,’  their drink,  is: ‘that which confers immortality.’ The Greek grammarians define ambrosia as a thick porridge of honey, water, fruit, olive-oil, cheese and pearl-barley; though exactly what kind of  fruit-wether grapes, quinces, apples, pears, pomegranates, medlars, strawberries,arbutus-berries, or figs-is, oddly enough, not specified. And why did they trouble to mention water among the ingredients? There is something funny here. Have we the least evidence, either, that Greek cooks, warned by Tantalus’ fate, took care to keep these six common staples from being served together at the same banquet-as (for instance) orthodox Jews religiously keep milk and meat apart, because of the  ayeg,  or ‘hedge,’ put by the Pharisee Sages around the text:  ‘Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk’? And are the grammarians fooling us?…

“And also, while I was about it, the recipe for  Kukeon  (‘mixture’), the draught which the Goddess Demeter, during her search for the lost Persephone, accepted in the place of King Celeus at Eleusis-thus breaking a prolonged fast-and which was there-after downed in her memory by initiates of the Greater Mysteries. Kukeon is mint-water mixed with pounded barley…

“Then I remembered how  the Emperor Nero, after murdering and defying the emperor Claudius, his step-father, had joked about the drug employed by his professional poisoner Locusta:  namely, juice of the lethal  amanita phalloides,  added to the   amanita caesarea,  an edible mushroom of which Claudius was extravagantly fond. Nero remarked how right the Greeks were to call mushrooms proverbially   ‘the food of the gods.’   Two  centuries later, the learned philosopher Porphyry, a sworn enemy of Christians, similarly described mushrooms as  theo-tropheis,  a stock-epithet for ambrosia-which means  ‘god-nourishing.’  ” I think that we have established that H. G. Wells was a socialist, but if you have forgotten,  see link…


Aso,  see link…

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