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July 27, 2011 / adgerellis



Emotional plague applys to both  Neocon – NAZIS  &  Tea Party. A convoluted explanation thus follows…

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BIBLIOGRAPHY: The following books provided information for this posting.

The Road to Eleusis: The Secret of the Mysteries,  authored by Wasson R. G. Hofmann, Carl A. P. Ruck and Albert. Published by William Dailey Rare Books, 1998. See following link for book review…

The Chemical Muse: Drug use and the Roots of Western Civilization, authored by D. C. A. Hillman, Ph. D. Published by Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press, 2008. See following link for book review below…

Food for Centaurs: Stories, Critical Studies, Poems,  by Robert Graves.  Published by Doubleday  &  Company, 1960.

LSD was taken by me six times,  at a very low dose before the year 1968, that year LSD was made illegal in the United States.

LSD is a controlled substance and because LSD is one of the oddest and strangest chemicals in the world the chemical should be used only by doctors of medicine and licensed chemist. As far as I know, from my own personal experience and all the research, LSD is relatively physically benign at low doses. However, at dosed above 100 micro-grams strange things start to happen. More research must be done. The effects of LSD are truly  odd.

Here listed are  a few of the strange effects caused by LSD that I know from  personal experience and all the scientific research…Take note, all the below effects are at very low dose levels

1. LSD has the strange effect of making people want to “evangelize,” or better put, to proselytize on behalf of the drug. The LSD user wants everybody to use the chemical. Strange why a chemical should have a proselytizing effect.

2. LSD also has the effect, generally of making a person  feel very optimistic, regardless of existential reality. A sort of silly, “What me worry?” attitude. And a sort of,  “revere’  toward all that is living, a “love” of all life.  LSD even gives the feeling and a certain conviction that we are a part of a larger system, a collective whole;  holistic empathy. LSD, causes what Sigmund Freud commented on  as an “oceanic feeling.”  That all of existence is a “monad,” as in “monism” or  Baruch Spinoza’s idea of the universal Deity.  See link,  Sigmund Freud’s  comments …

See link, Baruch Spinoza’s comments below…

.   Again, Why should a chemical have that effect?

3. LSD in very low doses, almost like in deep hypnosis can be use in “brain washing.” A person who has taken LSD is very open to suggestion, or what is called in psychology “imprinting.” That is just one of the reason why security agencies are still interested in that chemical.  Wikipedia citation, link on “imprinting”…

(Wikipedia citation)  =

Psychology of Imprinting: =

“Professor Warns of Coming World War”…

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