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August 9, 2011 / adgerellis



S&P only downgrades the United States on its long-term debt.
As long as the United States has good schools,  United State’s businesses will do just fine.  However, there is the rub! US Congress has acted as obstructionist for almost every good idea that President Obama has had. How good are the schools in the United States in the 21st century? Just see the low Congressional approval, by laying off teacher, closing Public Libraries, and “dissing” the sick and dying they are helping Islamic extremist hurt American society. They are accomplices with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban by doing just what the enemy did, closing libraries and secular schools. A good education and a wise and smart American public is the best way to fight extremist.

Congress Approval Rating Drops To All-Time Low, Lawmakers Joke…/congressapprovalrating-jokes_n_1035…Cached
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Oct 27, 2011 – Congressapproval rating dropped to its lowest level ever

Do computers alone  in the class rooms make  for a 21st century school system?  Maybe, if the students do not know who the United States Secretary of State is,  and they do not know or even care who Ben Bernacke, Henry Paulson or Timothy Geithner is,  or if the  Glass-Steagall Act should be restored, then the whole capitalist educational system might need close examination.  And what gives kids the idea  for  “Flash Mobs,”  and  “Wilding?”  Many young people need serious  mental  health counseling.  No doubt.  No jobs!  No care for other people’s  life or property.  Why?  Maybe,  the kids understand the real motives of the Neo-Cons and Tea Patty.  Neo-Cons and Tea Party,  just get off your polemic high-horse and live in the real world.  To be “disted” with no hope to right wrongs, and  “get ahead in the world,”   is a personal insult of disrespect that very few people would tolerate. Vocational training, and a respectful attitude from the Neo-Cons and Tea Party, as in the saying,   “-But for the Grace of God, There Go I.”

There is simply no good reason for the slow-down,  or if you like to be blunt,  economic recession in the United States.  Austerity humbug,    -if anybody thinks that by cutting entitlement programs will make a difference to our national debt.   See link… here

Also, see link below

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