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August 9, 2011 / adgerellis


Please,  by all that is holy.  -May His Name be  blessed for always, Iran-Israel, Israel-Iran.  ALLAH  bring Peace!
YHVH (YHWH), the innocent, the sick in mind and body, the handicapped, the troubled souls, all people who trust their GOD, please no World War to liquidate international debt.   -Look at this video, and think deeply for the love of God, and the love of your own nation what would be left of  your people,   -what would be left of your cities and historical treasures…

Click link below

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Cry if you can, for all life on Earth, that lives today and yet is unborn. If you could see humanity as God sees our people link below…

Now, think that the past  maybe  prologue…Should We Have Nuremberg Trials for American NeoCons Now…

“Ashes to Ashes, dust to… ”

Future events can be anticipated with a good social-psychological theory. Doctor  Wilhelm Reich had an excellent predictability rate with his theory of, what he called, “Body Armoring” and  “Negative Orgasmic Energy.”  Repression of a nations sexual activity, the rate of   erectile dysfunction in men and boys, and woman  who are  frigid.  People who  can not reach orgasm has a direct relation on how bellicose and  aggressive a nation is, both internally, (for example,  a nation’s violent crime rate) and externally. Doctor  Reich was persecuted by both  the  NAZIs  and the FBI in the United States,  for his ideas on repressed sexuality as the cause of some forms of violent crime.  NOTE:           > التأمين على الحياة والصحة وضد الحوادث

( الخرافة …Click here                             >     >    > )

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