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August 16, 2011 / adgerellis




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The following   information is a  critique of two very special books that can give some insight into  the metaphysics of stock market hysteria.

The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution,  by P.D. Ouspensky. Published by  Vintage Books a Division of Random House, 1974.

TERTIUM  ORGANUM:  A KEY TO THE ENIGMAS OF THE WORLD,  by P.D.  Ouspensky. Published by  Vintage  Books, 1970.

TERTIUM  ORGANUM,  by P.D.  Ouspensky was originally published by Alfred A, Knopf, Inc., on October 6, 1922. In a time of great prosperity, as in the early 1920’s  few people thought that by 1929 all their hope and dream would crash by 1929. In the “boom and bust” cycle of capitalist economies the  acquisition phase of the  “boom’ time”  is a pathological hysteria that shows the mental health nature of capitalism when the  “bust phase”  hits on the down-side as an economic recession.

P. D. Ouspensky, as the introduction states on the cover of his book,   “This is the greatest philosophical work that has come out of Russia. It has all the boldness and brilliance of thought characteristic of the Russian mind at its highest and best. By the very title the author challenges comparison with Bacon and Aristotle…((Oroszország által sújtott meteorit…->ロシアは隕石に襲わ    -> 러시아는 운석에 맞고->  रूस उल्का द्वारा मारा….Россия пострадала от МЕТЕОРИТ… ))

naming his book Tertium Organum Ouspensky reveals at a stroke that astounding audacity which characterizes his thought throughout an audacity which we are accustomed to associate with the Russian mind in all its phases. Such a title says, in effect: “Here is a book which will reorganize all knowledge. The Organon of Aristotle formulated the laws under which the subject thinks;  the  Novum Organum  of  Baxon,  the laws under which the object may be known;  but  The Third Canon of Thought existed before these two, and ignorance of the laws does not justify their violation.  Tertium Orgamun shall guide and govern human thought henceforth.

How passing strange, in this era of negative thinking, of timid philosophizing, does such a challenge sound!  And yet it has the echo in it of something heard before -what but the title of another volume, Hinton’s  A New Era of Thought? See website ( COPY AND PASTE IF NEEDED !   (ロシアは隕石に襲わ   >-  러시아는 운석에 맞고  )…

Ouspensky’s Tertium Organum and Hinton’s  A New Era of Thought present substantially the same philosophy  (though Hinton’s book only sketchily),  arrived at the same route  mathematics.

Here is food for thought. In the words of Philip Henry Wynne, “Mathematics possesses the most potent and perfect symbolism the intellect knows; and this symbolism has offered for generations certain concepts (of which hyper-dimensionality physics is only one) whose naming and envisagement by human intellect is perhaps its loftiest achievement.  Mathematics presents the highest certitude known to the intellect, and is becoming more and more the final arbiter and interpreter in physics, chemistry and astronomy. Like Aaron’s rod it threatens to swallow all other knowledge as fast as they assume organized form. Mathematics has already taken possession of great provinces of logic and psychology  -will it embrace ethics, religion and philosophy?”

In Tertium Organum mathematics enters and pervades the field of philosophy; but so adroitly, so silently as it were, that one hardly knows that it is there. It dwells more in Ouspensky’s method than in his matter, because for the most part the mathematical ideas necessary for an understanding of his thesis are such as any intelligent high school student can comprehend…”

Now, to the point of this long quote. Have we reached an impasse, a solid deadlock in the United State between the Neo-cons, Tea Party, and all,  -the religious right,  liberals and progressive?  The Standard and Poor’s  He-Haw downgrading of the United States credit is just a symptom of this impasse. Maybe, just maybe, we all should  “think-outside-the-box,”  if there is social and political gridlock!  As a nation in  war-time solidarity, with the United States’ military being killed, at one time in history not supporting the United States President would have been called treason and slandering the sitting President, -sedition! We need a paradigm shift to pull us together and put away our petty squabbles as Ouspensky shows in his book, Tertium Organum.  Maybe a huge paradigm shift,   Patent filed:  “Method of Gravity Distortion Time Displacement Apparatus,”  by Dr. Marvin B. Pohlman…

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