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September 24, 2011 / adgerellis

IMF Stands Ready to “Strongly Support” Euro Area…

70 years I have put on this Earth and I am to old and ready to die, so I don’t really give a shit what horror or terror that the “Powers That Be” do to me. Reincarnation is part of my basic belief system. I have no way of knowing for sure if  “reincarnation” is true in an existential sense, however reincarnation is my moral  “Modus operandi.”  “So, beware” as it is written, ” what you do to other people will come back to you, three times or more.”  As an old book has it, “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you three-fold.”

Bloomburg new reports,   see hyperlink…

FEAR-PORN* seems to be just one of the sick games that the Powers That Be like to play. One other sick game is born of megalomania, and that is the rhetorical  “game-of-the-gods.” Because of  money they,  the  Powers That Be  really believe that they are god like,  such blasphemy will have its reward if reincarnation is real.  No exaggeration,  I  am   truly fearful for their souls to ” play  god”  is to tempt fate.  A fictional play in the ancient Greek way is supposed to have a religious moral and if the egotist will just take a thoughtful glance at the video “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula LeGuin” they might  tremble  at the FEAR-PORN* that they perpetrate against humanity. See the following link..

I have no sure way to know if reincarnation is real, but  if  the heretical form of Islam called  “Sufi”  is right,  then that whole tangled mess with  extreme  Muslims  could end by supporting tacitly  the  Sufi.  Urgent,  for the horror and terror that the Powers that Be inflect on humanity,  even “entanglement” of  Quantum Physics should let you know that you endanger your life on a sub-atomic level by inflicting pain and suffering on humanity. Quantum Entanglement might make for the  possible,  that the Powers That Be in their next incarnation get their lives mixed-up with the lives of their victims from this present incarnation. Now, that should put fear in people who would  “play god,” just think to click this link, and to face the people that they victimized in their next life.  Anyway, not from any personal knowledge, but just from rumor, hearsay and intuition your time of hurting the human race is finished. So, with a song in my heart and an extra-terrestrial in hand you should know that your time is over, hyperlink this,,  just stop the pain and go away!  L-O-L,   AH! AH! AH!  To The New World Order’s  Sweet Mystery …Check this link:

“*FEAR-PORN.” This phrase is courtesy of researcher Richard C. Hoagland

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