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October 1, 2011 / adgerellis

China Today, the World Tomorrow ! Hegemony!

China has a population of approximately one billion, five hundred million people.

Bloomberg News: Chinese Missile…     

Bloomberg News: China’s Space Lab Launch…

Capitalism in America has failed. On prima facie evidence,  American capitalism can not provide enough jobs for all the citizens who are willing and able to work…REUTERS NEWS AGENCY: Asia’s factories stall; China urges stimulus…

China with a population of something like two billion people could out produce and diplomatically  “out gun”  the United States…Bloomberg bashes China’s economy…

Do you have your finger up your ass  (metaphorically), Mr. capitalist business man?  Maybe,  Ms. capitalist business woman your  clitoris  hurts so bad that you are callow and callous to the world.  “MOTHER!” ->Mother Of Mine !!! China plans to go to the moon and with approximately two billion Chinese people staring you down, ->”MOTHER”, ( This is supposed to be romantic irony, “MF-ing,” nit-wit! Asperger syndrome? )… “I shot an arrow in the air. It fell to Earth I know not where.” MOTHER MACHREE, 1947 FILM…,) what are you doing with your  avariciousness ? Check this website…

Now, FLAG THIS,   (inside joke for all the spiders on the web,) go to this website and be respectful of wisdom…

Entitlements are not an economic problem,  as some capitalist are making an excuse for the failure of capitalism to make enough jobs for the working poor. What kind of economic  madness blames the victim for the crimes of the bosses? How much  “input” does a wage slave have in managing a large corporation? Just, don’t be crazy! That is a not a rational argument that a worker making minimum wage,  a wage slave,  has control over a corporations finances while the corporations CEO’s have no control;  who in some cases are multimillionaires. No wonder there is a bad economy in the United State with sophomoric thinking of “blame-the-poor” for the mismanagement of the whole US economy. That is just plain silly. Meanwhile,  the Chinese plan to  “Conquer the Universe.”  Hyperlink this…    I have no problem using words to describe sexual parts of the human body. If you claim to be a man,  you should have a penis. If you claim to be a woman, you should have a clitoris. If you don’t have these gender appropriate organs, maybe you should see a doctor. The Chinese are not callow about sexual subjects, and if America does not wake up, the United States will be looking at a  moon owned by the Chinese.  A  “Chinese Moon!”  L-O-L!  See link….

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