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October 2, 2011 / adgerellis



That said,  RED TAPE  and  GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS  do NOT prevent businesses and big corporations from hiring new workers and making new jobs. The big corporations are making record profits and generally their executives are earning big salaries. The money is out there, but there are few good jobs. The problem is plain, US Corporations are generally under bad management. Many of the CEOs and executives  hate President Obama’s constituency. His base supporters  for the most part are progressive and liberal. The other real and most important reason that there are few good new jobs in the United States is that capitalism has failed. Again, the White House is not an employment agency, so if you want a good paying job, make a job for your self and family, or you can knock three times and check this link by clicking here……Now. lets get to the  nitty-gritty.

The political parties in the United States are hollow shells. For the most part they are just echo-chambers full of prattle and clichés. Can you tell the difference?  Click here, try to find the difference….…Ha! Ha! Congressional Rating Plummeting (VIDEO)…

Also, get your new Chinese robot manufactured on the MOON. FAR OUT BABY!  Next customer,  click here

AMERICAN ECONOMY has a psychological  challenge, right now.  President Obama did not create the capitalist system that has now failed the American worker, so why blame the President for the failure of the big banks and corporations? Economic failure of  the form capitalism has taken in the United State is directly the result of the big banks and big corporations mismanagement. The economic managers call for less government regulations, but they will not follow the regulations and laws that they helped  make all ready. The big banks and big corporations claim that they can not make new job because of  government red tape, and yet, all the long history of the working poor in America, the big corporations never did make more jobs,  except in time of WAR.  The  COMMUNIST HAVE ALWAYS MADE THE ACCUSATION THAT CAPITALISM  IS AN ECONOMY OF WAR. The communist and some socialist have charge that American Capitalism can not work without a war to keep people employed. There does not seem to be any rational reason that the United States can not expand out into the “Final Frontier.”  Exploration!  If the big banks and big corporations are willing and are less timid, outer space is obviously an  endless expanse of riches and wealth, more than all the kings of Old Europe ever dreamt of. The humiliation to the United States of having the Chinese or Russians control outer space will be so damaging to America’s self-image that it is unlikely that the  economic system that the United States has now will survive. “Mobbing,” in the work place is just a symptom of the deep social pathology of the capitalist economic system.  “Mobbing,” is when worker turns against worker for no apparent reason, except for a pathological anxiety caused by management.  The workers fear of loosing their job does cause a pathological anxiety.  In such cases management is not only to be blamed for mobbing, but a good case could be made that management is truly mentally ill.  “Mobbing” in the work place is the same as bullying. In many places “bullying” is now illegal. The irony is that “Political Correctness” is used to bully people.  Now,  get this. The following quote is used only to provoke the bigot. The following quote is emotive on purpose,  just to test the tolerance of you, the reader of this blog.  Now, get this  idea of  American Capitalism and social prejudice, anti-jew, anti-black anti-gay and just the slang words, “geek and “nerd” are so blatantly bigoted that only your personal reaction to the following text can prove the prejudice…”Smith thinks that “mystery of the kingdom of God” was a baptism administered by Jesus to the chosen disciples at night and in the nude (cf. Mark 14:51-2),  and that it included physical union. This would represent the licentious segment of the Gnostic movement, so that such a portrait of Jesus as one who practiced homosexual acts would fit well with the libertine behavior of the Gnostic groups that Clement claimed had not only published the Secret Gospel of Mark, but had also perverted it.” See hyperlink for attribution…

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