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October 8, 2011 / adgerellis


President Reagan fired eleven thousand air traffic controllers… Do you believe in magick?   A not-so,  non-sequitur click here and see if you believe in magick ….

Many of the air traffic controllers that President Reagan fired were ex-military. President Ronald Reagan did not really serve in the military, except for his pretentious Hollywood  “lala-trip”  in films.  So, an alert to all the want-to-be  NEOCONS,  you who applaud the military women and men dying for our country, but the neocons will not look at the horror  that their shallow patriotism has caused.  As  Thomas Paine  called that type of person,  “A Sunshine Patriot ,” again for the magick of real patriotism see this link…

President Reagan by firing eleven thousand experienced  air traffic controllers, was the direct cause of workers union busting that lead to the horror of 9/11!  Unintended consequences, but nevertheless the direct cause of one of the most tragic horrors in United States history. Probably, the only other horror in recent history, by comparison is…  “the day that will live in infamy.” So, much for the union busting “Great Communicator.”  Just, what exactly was he communicating by busting  ex-military experienced air traffic controllers?...

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