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October 9, 2011 / adgerellis

Professional Security, Baby Snooks and Bare Naked Ladies.

Christianity in an extreme fundamentalist form is no worst, or better than any other religion. Capitalism in an extreme form  is no worst, or better than any other economic system. The “Good Will”  of both kinds of people in religion and economics will make or break any system if there is no “Good Will.”

For many Americans right now, how are we going to create jobs and rebuild our economy?

Congress Approval Rating Lower Than Porn, Polygamy, BP Oil Spill  <GO AHEAD CLICK! I DARE YOU.

1 day ago – A greater percentage of Americans approve of polygamy than the United States Congress, according a set of polls. Last month, a New York

If you read this blog regularly, please read with comprehension.


However,  there certainly are some things that the United States government can do to loosen up the economic constipation.

ALLEGORY FOR A CLUELESS PSYCHIC VAMPIRE PART 2…”Thomas S. Kuhn in his book,  ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolution’  explains quite clearly how any nation, for example, Greece or Portugal can make money in the international markets and pay off their debt.”   Click here…

NEW, STANDARD  AND  POOR’S   HE-HAW!  HE-HAW!…”China, India, Japan all have advanced outer-space technologies.  Russia, France and the European Space Agency, also

the nation of India, all have images that are on the internet, in unclassified publications and DVDs that show strange artifacts on the moon…Turkey’s spy sat to zoom in on Israeli secrets…

CHRISTAIN, there is an old book,  in that book is written,  “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” So, see this hyperlink, if you will not be spiritually blind… 13,,++-Russian+picture+from+the+Moon.&gs_l=img.12…3513.3513.0.5026.….0…1ac.2.31.img..1.0.0.eH6gjn3TfsE&q=LUNIK%2013,%20-Russian%20picture%20from%20the%20Moon. -Russian picture from the Moon.

Click here …… Please, do not lie. These pictures are all over the World.  Millions of people have seen these images in every country on Earth. The pictures are real, not special effects. Now, “fear” can be contagious as in hysteria. Why are the images removed from my blog unless somebody has something to hide and is fearful of public exposure? The images of artifacts on the moon are in the public domain; the pictures are not copyrighted and yet the links are broken and the images removed. Why? The old saying is, “There is no cure for a fool, except a good dose of reality.” Do you understand? No, probably not. So, the only options left is a good does of painful reality. People who are so “stone dumb” may have to die, just because there are so many fools controlling the United States. The images of artifacts on the moon can be found on any computer search engine. The images do not have to be replaced on this blog. If the reader is interested, just “punch in” moon artifacts.

The United States needs a  Kuhnian  Scientific Revolution  and there is a whole revolution waiting  above our heads on the Moon. So, when do we leave? A ready-made laxative for our economic constipation.

NASA:  Official Image…

NEOCONS,  TEA PARTY AND THE EMOTIONAL PLAUGE PART 3…”1966 while cruising along the German and Netherland border, within sight of Dutch wind mills, one of my buddies in the US Army said,  “Hey, do you want to try some Acid? Acid? Acid?” I said,  What do you mean? Acid?” He said, “Here take this.” MONISM, is a Greek word for the English word “single.” Sorry, folks there are other religions in the world beside the monotheistic ones. Ha! Ha! There are even belief system that do not have a god, but are just as moral and just as just as the monotheistic religions. There might even be a scientific way to investigate the soul and “After-Life.” Ha! Ha! A little LSD  anyone?  =>   Modern does not only mean new ideas and new things, but modern can mean giving up old ideas, as in old religious ideas. Click here to read the rest of the posting…,  could replace most of the old religious ideas about death and dying. You reader, to get the United States economy moving might have to change some of your religious ideas.  You can start working for a better American economy by going to this website, Click here.

Did you read this far? Is the question answered, “For many Americans right now, how are we going to create jobs and rebuild our economy?” Now, for comic relief, the adjustment to change to modernity  for the Victorians was just as stressful as it is to us and  the  -NWO!  L-O-L, a very modern Military General:

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