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October 12, 2011 / adgerellis


Capitalist, Socialist and Communist,  if they are honest and true in professing that their particular economic system is best for the world, all want prosperity and  growth  for their nations economies.  Economic Growth, see link:

CHINA TODAY,  TOMORROW THE WORLD!  HEGEMONY!  QUESTION: Why is China not having an international debt crisis?

Exploration of outer-space and  investigation of the human mind and human emotions will increase GDP without manipulation of the economic systems.  Smaller nations can still participate in  the  exploration of outer-space, by chosing sides politically and economically for profit and  national prestige. Japan plans to build robot moon base…

Secret Space War IV:  Terra Forming…

Apology to “UFO Digest,” for re-posting go to original link-> 

Россия космическое агентство…




Free MIT Science  Education…,

All the “brouhaha” about  an international financial crisis is just  fictional debt, digital fiat money transfer and a way for banks to make a profit on interest.  The financial crisis is really a lack of confidence, a lack of leadership and a lack of honest trust in international management of the  capitalist banking system.  “Trust Your Friendly Banker,”  is a joke.  However, see the following link to understand how to stop this lack of confidence in the international banks…

ANOTHER QUESTION?  Why is China doing good economically, in comparison to Europe and the United States?  Click the following link for the answer…  ( *”FEARPORN,” is a new descriptive word attributed to the excellent researcher and commentator Richard C. Hoagland. )

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