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October 18, 2011 / adgerellis


CEREMONIAL CHEMISTRY,  is the title of a book by Doctor Thomas Szasz.

CEREMONIAL CHEMISTRY was originally published in hardcover edition by Anchor/Doubleday in 1974.

The following quote is from Dr. Thomas Szasz’s book, as a book review and fair use  attribution.

“The real import and impact of ex-alcoholic, ex-addict, and ex-foodaholic as paramedical expert lies in this: each symbolizes the medical profession’s abdication from genuine scientific and technical standard setting and performance  judging; it encourages physicians, despite the remarkable recent scientific achievements of their profession, to reject their reliance on evidence and inference, technology and truth, and to substitute for them the pomp and glory of a fake religion; and, finally, it propels medicine ever more deeply into the arms of the state, where, from its crushing embrace, it first becomes imbecilic from cerebral anoxia and then mercifully suffocates…

“The escalation of this ‘War Against Harmful Substances’ has finally reached the point where the  ‘enemy’  is food itself! The martial metaphor is not mine, as the following  example shows.” The example given by Dr. Szasz is from an Associated Press news report dated October 6, 1971. Now you see, by the old news story how long this bellicose and war-like hysteria has been going on.  QUESTION: Do you really think that food can be characterized as an “ENEMY?”

Now,  for a little digression,  however we will come back eventually to fat and obesity. Now, for the detour. “The Secret You,” -Full Length Documentary from the BBC Horizon Programme, Click here…—full-length-documentary.html.

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