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October 25, 2011 / adgerellis


“Toute nation a le gouvernment qu elle mirite.”

Alaxis de Toqueville has been said to have written, in translation,  “Every country has the government it deserves.”  There are various forms of this quote, “In a democracy, people get the government that they deserve,” and “People will always elect the government they deserve.”   Yes, we’ve been there, done that.  See blog posting, “EDUCATED PEOPLE  vs   GOVERNMENT,”…


CEREMONIAL CHEMISTRY,  is the title of a book by Doctor Thomas Szasz.

CEREMONIAL CHEMISTRY was originally published in hardcover edition by Anchor/Doubleday in 1974.  Now, to continue after a long  digression. When and if fat people are declared an “Enemy-of -the-State,” we know that that is not likely, but just  for a “thought-experiment,”  let’s  say,  salt, sugar and cooking fat all should be made illegal,  what kind of food would you eat?

Now, to continue,  a  short  quote  from  Doctor  Szasz’s  book…”the enemy–  not placed between quotation marks in the report, and hence presumably a literal rather than a metaphorical enemy–  is food;   indeed, foreign food, as we learn even before reading the report, which, with some omissions, I reproduce below,

The U.S. Air Force is fighting the battle of the bulging waistline among its ground crews in Britain. One target is fish and chips. Chunks of fried cod nesting in French fries are banned at two of the six big U.S. bases,  Lakenheath and Midenhall.  Nearby fish  and  chip  shops there have been put off limits. Similar  action  may be taken  elsewhere.  The trouble is that many personnel fresh  from  the  States  find fish  and  chips  quite  appetizing.’  one  sergeant  explained…All airmen at South Ruislip Base outside London are being weighed to see how much damage English food has done. The fatties will get orders warning them against the dishes. ‘Hundreds of airmen throughout Britain are going to be found overweight,’  a  spokesman said.  Except for those with medical problems, fatties who disobey orders  and  still give in to the lure of fish and chips will be confined to Air Force hospitals until they kick the habit….Eating  British as against American food is treated here as if it were a medical problem, and as if overeating  (not otherwise defined)  were an especially serious medical problem, requiring   ‘hospitalization.’   Moreover, in a quite bizarre conclusion of the story, we are informed that airmen who ‘give in to the lure of fish and chips…except for those with medical problems’…will be confined to Air Force hospitals…’ (emphasis added). This policy, if true, condemns all those responsible for it as mendacious medical criminals.”  Now, that we understand that eating fish and chips is a dangerous criminal act to a person’s own body, can we attack French and Italian cooking in the same way?  Analogously, by comparison, smoking tobacco, or for that matter, marijuana is just the same in damage to a person’s own body, so let’s get the “Food Police” issuing arrest  warrants on the fat, -obese and  anti-social  fatties. “GET THOSE DAMN  ‘OVER-BIG’  FOOD TERRORIST! BY BEING ‘BIG’ THEY TAKE UP ALL THE SPACE FOR US NICE PEOPLE.” (NOTE: Reductio ad absurdum arcula. This post is ironic; it means just the opposite as it shows absurd reasoning.)

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