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October 28, 2011 / adgerellis




Oh, freedom what is the meaning of that word? Ah, freedom, to make babies, or not to make babies.  Joy of “Family Life.” This Blog is meant to introduce older books that have been read and researched  by me personally. I bought and own all the books that are reviewed. As fact, from time-to-time pictures will be posted of myself with the books that are reviewed, for the “Doubting Tomas.” What follow is an example of how mentally ill society is in the United States. I was accused by a landlady of stealing the books from a library. At another time,  I was reading a book in a public park and the police came  to investigate what I was doing. Now, reader, think hard on this, the police said to me, “A woman called the police to report that I was reading a book.”

REVOLUTION IN MIND: The creation of Psychoanalysis, by George Makari. Published by HarperCollins year 2008.

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and other doctors brought about a major paradigm shift in 19th century’s understanding of  mental illness. We all could do the same today. We could  have a major paradigm shift  by discussing  sexuality and mental illness in public. Wednesday night society was created to be open and honest,  especially about human sexuality.  Now, to quote from the book,

REVOLUTION IN MIND: The creation of Psychoanalysis, by George Makari…”After medical school,  (Dr. Alfred)  Alder had opened a practice in the working class Second District of  Vienna, where his clientele differed from the wealthy patients that frequented Breuer and Freud. Attracted to socialism,  he wrote essays on environmental factors in illness, and in that context,  first referred to Freud’s work. When he  joined the Wednesday group  at Freud’s behest in 1902, Adler still harbored hopes of returning to academic medicine.

        In the fall of 1906, Adler was slated to present on a topic listed as  “On the Organic Basis of Neuroses.”  In the end, the secretary’s  minutes recorded the title as “On the Basis of Neurosis,” but in fact, the key word was “organic.” For this paper was a prelude to Adler’s soon-to-be published  Studies on the Inferiority of Organs, in which he would insist on the organic cause of neurosis”…As changes go, we now know that many emotional problems are in reality, “organic” in nature.

If Doctor Alfred Alder had done anatomic studies of the human brain in the year 1906, as only now has been discovered, that the hippocampus, the area of the brain that helps you respond to anxiety, appears to be very sensitive to negative effects of cortisol. Fat, Obesity and cortisol  information are at the following website: …  The part of the brain called the “amygdala”  plays a part also in being sensitive to negative emotions, body fat and cortisol levels as shown at this website, “The Amygdala and Emotions”… may be less fat, less obese.. ….. Fat, obese? Cannabis relaxes cortisol level…        Now, a good body images is all in the mind. A person who goes out at night and socialize, mixes with people, and shuts-off the television, should make for courage to live-life-to-the-fullest. That is a real “MENSCH”…   Ha! Ha!  Old Disco, Not Hip-Hop, But I Got to boogie…with a joint and a fun  woman,  -music that hits the soul. Who the fuck cares!?  Ha! Ha! As a “Common Scold,” get the idea, with only a marijuana doobie and a bona fided  medical prescription. The reason there is a fat problem in America, the reason there is a weight problem in America,  is because you must “be-sure-of-your-self-first!  Just do not listen to the Kill-Joys. The Spoiled-Sport will always be with us, and watch-out for  AIDS and HIV carriers  that can be a real kill joy!  Many religious people would like to get out and boogie, but just think on their body image too much,  -and is god looking!  Ha! Ha!  Is god looking at me? Ha! Ha! Is god really looking at little, poor sinful me! Ha! Ha! Ha! “You’re so vain…”  Does god care if I dance and go wild with a marijuana joint and shake some fat off.  Maybe, for god’s sake I should die fat, and just feel sorry for myself the rest of my life.  I don’t want god to think that I  am not a nice person for going wild, dancing,  burning  calories and being  happy.  Just remember, Doctor Alder had to work with people who had syphilis,  just as deadly then as AIDS is today.  Obesity, Metaphysics and Genocide PART 2 …

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