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November 7, 2011 / adgerellis

Jackass! ЭКОНОМИКА =Argumentum Ad Hominem Doesn’t Wash.

ЭКОНОМИКА  =  is the Russian word for “Economy.” President Obama is under a lot of pressure that most Americans would not even understand. Some people have said, flippantly, “Well nobody forced him to be President!” Meaning, I suppose, that President Obama should have known that  being President of the United States is a very difficult job. He should have known that he would be under a lot of emotional and political pressure.

“Jackass!,” the first word in the title of this post was just to get you attention. Be assured, generally I do not use vulgarities and obscenities, but I known the words and can use then either to get your attention or if I’m rally mad. The same for “Argumentum Ad Hominem.” I know what that means. Again, see somebody else who is being flippant at this website…

The point I am trying to make is the importance of logical thinking, and abstract reasoning, as opposed to being “literal” and from my point of view, “single-mindedness.” Yes, I know that the construction of the last sentence with the words, “simple-minded” is a “double entendre.” I try not to be a total fool, but it is very hard when I live in a country like the United States, when most of the so-called adults behave like children. Any American reading this post can take that as an insult if you like, but I am not “thin-skinned,” and generally do not take offence at insults. To continue, a little “self-deprecation” should indicate to the “self-aware” persons, that I am not a snob, or “stuck-on-my-self.” What I am begging for is some “abstract thinking.” The difference between concrete thinking, or as I call it, “literal thinking,” is extremely important. See the following website…… There is no way to get out of the world’s economic problems unless the majority of the world population can think-in-the-abstract. “EONOMICS.” (=ЭКОНОМИКА…=經濟,..=↘经济的 ,..=经济,) is an abstract study.

OK, smartass. This is just for the arrogant Americans who take offense at being called “simple-minded.”  Mr. & Ms. American know-it-all, explain the Glass-Steagall Act, explain Derivatives. And if you can do that, should the Glass-Steagall Act be reinstated and Derivatives “liquidated?” Ha, Ha, fat chance of that happening. Methane digestion, see website……Methane Digester: Anaerobic Methane Recovery……Come on smartass economist, explain anaerobic methane recovery, and if you can, why has the world not abandoned petroleum as a fuel? Now, you know algebra, make a logical proof  “Truth Tree Equation”  of the economic energy problem…( Ha! Ha! See.. And..…Etc, etc, etc..…Microsoft Word Download at  Mind Your Decisions Game Theory….

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