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November 8, 2011 / adgerellis


Employment and jobs will not be made for all the people in the world, just with Social Psychology alone. Social Psychology is a “soft” science. An argument could be made that Social Psychology has a lot in common with religion. Some results, as for example in a “Thought Experiment,” must be taken on faith until a real physical, or a “behaviorist experiment” can be set up. There are few people with such high ideals who ever though that Social Psychology would make a “‘paradise” on Earth. Generally, many religions, in opposition to Social Psychology, do claim that if their religious follower would just have “faith,” their religion will make a paradise on earth.

1948 was the first time that I ever saw television. I was seven years old. This post is not intended to be a trip “down memory lane.” The examples I’m going to give are just a few very old television shows that influenced my way of thinking about jobs, work, and employment. I should begin a new paragraph, but as you can see “good grammar” and punctuation has never been my intention. Many actors and actress, many writers and producers for television in 1948 were in World War Two, or knew somebody who saw action in World War Two. Much of the audience in 1948 saw action in World War Two or knew somebody who saw action in World War Two. What I am trying to say is, that the audiences for television of 1948 for the most part were not naive, simple-minded goofs. Remember, television technology was very different then, and most of the TV shows had almost no money in their production budget. To stay on topic, children’s shows that showed morality, hard work and patriotism were “de regard” in 1948, after the horror of  World War Two. My favorite TV show, my hero and role model as a seven-year old kid was, “Captain Video and His Video Rangers”……Captain Video, my hero. He was a good Christian and patriot for the American Way; would never go on welfare or depend on anyone except maybe his sidekick. It was all fiction and unreal. Now, the second most important TV show that as a kid had a great influence on me, and indirectly my “work ethic.”  That was the year 1949 kids show, Kukla, Fran, and Ollie.  Oh, Please understand that the sarcasm was generally not to hurt anybody, but more a comment on social, political and economic  hypocrisy young stuck-up  spoiled kids. After seeing the horror of war there is little tolerance for “double-dealing.” Listen and hear how they made fun of the program’s sponsor. That show was just dripping  intelligent adult sarcasm…Go! Go! Right now click: : No comment needed on the work ethic. The show all but forced, work, job and employment on the kids watching television.  Next, Mr. I. Magination. The year 1952. Go! Go! Right now… And for now, the number four television show that had an influence on my work ethic as a kid:

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