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November 8, 2011 / adgerellis


Jobs and employment in the capitalist economic system, just are not there for many people…

Factories stall worldwide, U.S. jobless claims rise | Reuters

2 days ago – LONDON/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Manufacturing activity is contracting across Europe and  most of Asia, data showed on Thursday, and a. ..

So, make your own job! How? Imagination is a good start. Especially, if you are going to college, or have just graduated  from college.  You should be smart enough to create jobs and employment for yourself. How? Imagination is a good start. Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “GENIUS is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent  PERSPIRATION.” That is not to say that many people with good ideas fail because of personal problems, or environmental factors. I am not making fun of emotional problems or physical handicaps. I personally have both of the former.  Just butt life’s problems with a change of consciousness because,  my 70 years on Earth,  I personally have found that even when life “sucks” there is some kind of strange paradox in life.  A  type of psychological mental illusion in our emotions, and by looking  at this video try to relate the video to your emotional or physical handicap……Now, if you can get past Doctor Fritz Perls heavy German accent, try to understand what he is saying.  That we are not physically in the past or future, regardless how our emotions make us feel. Now, listen to the meaning of what the doctor is saying……Did you understand?  Try this… Relax, be calm.  Be calm, relax…click on this video and try to be calm and relaxed while watching……The whole point is, even if for a second, even an instant you let go of your emotional or physical handicap, by trying “Gestalt Psychology” you can train yourself for longer, and longer times to let go of your problems…So, let’s go, Rah, Rah, Rah!  “REAL  MEN OF GENIUS”   See video for inspiration, here…(with a little irony, but there is a Gestalt  (, you might want to search engine “Gestalt Psychology“.  Not an answer to all problems, but a good start,)  double meaning behind the sarcasm…

Fritz Perls Quotes

«I am not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine….

Ideas for jobs and employment is the purpose of this post. From an old story of a “Salesman Offering Gatling gun to Napoleon”, ( see video, the meaning as I understand it is, “If the mountain will not go to Mohammed, than Mohammed must go to the mountain,”…….) then get in contact with people who like your ideas. Internet, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, maybe even other countries, people in other nations, certainly in this wide, wide, world see your new idea as a paradigm shift. We, the whole world needs a Gestalt Paradigm Shift…

Asia’s factories stall; China urges stimulus.. You have a college degree and yet you can not start you own business. What ? See link that is extraordinarily




Being both pertinent and fitting. See Synonyms at relevant.

pertinent and relevant ( en lo pertinente a libros, Ha  ! Ha  !  )

for “out-of-work-college-kids… 

Financial Times

Reuters – 3 days ago
By Emily Kaiser, Asia Economics Correspondent (Reuters) – The world economy faces a worse situation than in 2008 and stimulating growth is the top priority,

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