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November 12, 2011 / adgerellis


Americans, to some extent like to think of baseball as their national game.  Nevertheless, just as many simple-minded religious people who censor and “sanitize” the crimes of their religion, so do Americans have “selective amnesia” about their supposed national game. Billy Ripken Card

Hey! Fuck Face. Music on this blog is supposed to go with the text. Understand, that for the most part I’m referring to abstract concepts, not literal ideas. When you read this blog literally, you read it wrong. That said, I’m open to misunderstanding because most Americans who I know have difficulty thinking in the abstract. Anyway, even the Betty Boop cartoon, with the song, “The Music Goes Round and Round,” was covertly referring to people who argue-in-circles, “circulus in probando,” or cirumlocutionally. Circumlocution – Ask.comWhat is a Synonym for circumlocution? Synonyms for circumlocution are beating around the bush, circumambages, diffuseness, discursiveness, euphemism……Now,

Now, if the reader of this Blog is the lest bit observant and aware, you will notice that almost all the television shows that I watched as a child had a man mentoring a boy. This was no accident, but was on purpose. After World War Two, many young men had no father, had no older brothers, and single mothers could barely coupe. Television and the motion pictures showed grown men helping young men to understand their maleness and becoming men. Homoerotic elements are a natural result of such a relationship. Hey! Feminist, do you really want equal pay for equal work, or do you just hate men and thereby eventually exterminate the human race. Do not pretend to be so innocent, and if you really are so naive then you should not be anywhere near young men whose testosterone  level is uncontrollable.  Proverbial,  bulls in a China shop!  No! No,!  Fool. You do not think that Ellen DeGeneres….  Hey Yony! Yony!……. and naturally, Ms. Patsy Kelly…. Oh, what a hard time to find Patsy Kelly’s picture. I remember seeing Patsy Kelly in old movies on television and thinking what a funny and special woman she is. Little  did I know as a young boy, how special she really was. Now, honestly, the web-bots, spiders and crawlers must be very active today, because the computer keeps assuming things with “pop-ups,”  screen blockers and blue screen on spell-check, in ways  that I never intended. That is just  the  way that the “sheeple,” and lemming would “think,” Ha! Ha! If they could think! I never intended to attack homosexuality, or defend it. That is not the point that I am trying to make, at this time. I do defend Doctor Freud’s view of some very extreme feminist who seem to have “penis envy.” Yes! You will get no argument from me that Doctor Freud’s idea of female “penis envy” is over extended to any female anxiety problem, however, see the following….  And, I will also defend Doctor Freud’s interpretation of “Infantile Libido Urges…” In closing, there are many religious Americans who simply can not deal with the real empirical world.  They hid behind false morality, and religious fantasy hoping that something in the sky, or hidden in some mystical heaven will protect them. If  they only believe,  and have faith, as in Peter Pan. When Peter Pan comes stage-front,  all teary-eyed, and begs the audience, with the words, “You believe in fairies, don’t you?”

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