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November 12, 2011 / adgerellis


World War Two brought a boom economy. That said, this is not to recommend a World War. This is a recommendation for new cheap technology for the poor and depressed middle-class to stimulate economic growth. That also means not closing libraries or public schools. There is no way on Earth that the United States can compete in the world economy with an unskilled and ignorant population. Now, there is persistent rumors that the large corporations and some people in government want to “dumb-down” the population by laying off teachers and closing libraries. Warning is needed, because of unintended consequences of those foolish actions.

The cathode ray tube was mass-produced for World War Two’s radar screen’s image. Cathode ray tubes were around for early television but, there was never the commercial need of mass production as was needed in the war economy for radar screen images……With World War Two ended, the production capacity for the radar tubes would be used for a new home television entertainment industry. Two other relatively new technologies was atomic energy and the NAZI’s rocket technology. There may be a deep secret in both of these technologies. There is no way for me to know for certain. I have absolutely no inside information on anything, just what is on the internet and published in print. However, I do know this for certain, that the book publishers, schools, religions and politicians all censor history and cultural development on purpose. All that you have to do to prove this is an internet check on any subject that you are interested in. It can be fun to look at the old motion pictures on any subject that you are interested in and compare them to our understanding of the same subject today. As Doctor Timothy Leary once said to a young man who challenged him on the nature of  “reality,”  Doctor Leary said, “You have to learn to ask the right questions.”    Click link for “NAZI Rocket Bomb in US, year 1946”.. I was eight years old when my father bought our first television set. Before that, in the year 1948 a lot of the kids would go over to our neighbors house to see a television show. The very first TV Set that our family had, was a  TV Click to enlarge with a 7 inch screen.  I know this because as a kid, I took a picture post card and held it up to the screen. The post card fit the size of the screen almost, exactly. My father would watch Saturday Night Wrestling with a neighbour, and in the evening I’d watch my first  television hero, “Captain Video and His Video Rangers.” So strange, the place where I lived could get both New York City television stations and TV broadcasted from the city of  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was an excellent location to get television broadcast from two big cities. I’d love to dwell on Captain Video, and reminisce.  But, the point of this post is “ECONOMIC BOOMS!” and I’ll never make my point if I go off on a tangent. That said, kids television programmes had a big influence on the space race with the Russians, and the US putting a “Man-On-the-Moon.” This is not a tangent, though it might seem so. The point I am trying to make is how technological development and entertainment can work together to make an economic boom.

Space Patrol and Buzz Corry, click and become a defender of outer-space in the Space Patrol and the television show Tom Corbett, Space Cadet,  See link all you Space Cadets….  These were both my favorite show next to Captain Video and His Video Rangers.  As you can probably tell, Captain Video was my “first love,” and as the cliché goes “we  never really get over our first love.” Rocky Jones, Space Ranger was another science fiction show that I liked very much. So go on Space Ranger, click here and help defend Earth from the evil aliens……Now, Now, all those kid shows are a long way from the real horrors of war. 1942,  we see one of the frist large rockets that brought terror to London, England.. No where is there a Tom Corbett, Buzz Corry or Rocky Jones to save us from the bad guys. Sorry, folks.  Nevertheless, there is a man alive today who writes some very interesting books on his take,  -a real revisionist of what happen in World War Two. If you have ever seen the movie, or read the book about the Philadelphia Experiment, you might get an idea of where  I’m going. No! I’m not going with the “time traveler” in H.G. Well’s book, “The Time Machine.” This reference is to a book written be Doctor Ronald Mallett. The title of his book is, “Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel A Reality.” See Doctor Mallett’s book……Also, see Google Books, “The Time Traveler: One Man’s Mission to Make Time Travel A Reality,” by Doctor Ronald Mallett……Just for fun, see website called, Ultimate Time Travel:

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