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November 16, 2011 / adgerellis


I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles…….economically speaking:!). That song is a reference to the “Boom and Bust” cycles in the capitalist system. Economic “bubbles.” Mock and Jeer at the capitalist system, the working, low paid employee under the exploitive so-called “Free Market.” Workers in the capitalist “laissez-faire” systems are for the most part,  “clueless children.”  The really sad part of this exploitive system is, that for the most part, the worker just wants to “play,” and be entertained.  Common Scold, I am not. Jokes and laughter do have a place at work, but in an adult context. Shit happens, but  to an emotionally mature person, “horse-play” and deliberate “slap-stick” should not be acceptable. Two examples that happened to me personally that I still blame management for their astonishing ignorance. No, I am not angry at anybody. I’m just very hurt emotionally and economical from what I am about  to explain.  I was being trained at  new job by a young man who was thirty years my younger. I looked deep into his eyes wondering as I stared, how young he was to know so much. I must have made him uncomfortable because he said to me, “Watch-out, I’ve got a gun!” The following I though to myself. If you will just think in the context of what happen, I could have asked, “Do you have a license for the gun?” I did not ask that question because I am confident in myself and am not  intimidated by a young person who thinks that by having a gun he or she can defend her or his self. I said back to him for his not so hidden threat,  “I do too, between by legs…See full size image
on inner thigh for perfect fit.  There is a strap that can hold a gun on the inside thigh.  Natural, I was trying to be clever with a sexual  innuendo, but the meaning was not explicit. That was the last time that the kid taught me. Another example, a place that I worked had hand-held security scanners. One of the scanners had salad oil or mayonnaise on the handle. I said to the security guard, “Scanner-cum-mayonnaise.” A female employee heard me said that and complained so much that the company had me brough up on discipline charges. The offending word was, “CUM,”

meaning – How does one use the Latin wordcum” in a sentence

May 23, 2011 Cum is the Latin word for ‘with’ and is usually used to join two nouns, The word
cum is Latin for ‘with’, as in cum laude, which means “with …”

…..So, unless the would be “wage-slave” gets wise and “becomes an adult in mind and body,” and stops thinking like a kid, and learns to read and study about the real world somebody will always take advantage of them. While the bosses get huge fortunes for relatively little labour. The “laissez-faire” textbook capitalist “free market” does not really work as is pretended in public, college and corporations.

So what if there are a few “welfare queens,” malingerers…

malingererdefinition of malingerer by the Free Online Dictionary

ma·lin·ger (m -l ng g r). intr.v. ma·lin·gered, ma·lin·ger·ing, ma·lin·gers. To feign
illness or other incapacity in order to avoid duty or work.

… and other lying phonies. You don’t think for one second that the same thing does not go on in the executive offices of government, corporations, or the so “Holy pulpits” of the clergy do you? Is  the world really as it seems, all innocent, good and lovely? So, let the “dead wood” steal some from the public, that is good enough to keep them from making trouble in the work place. Some of the trouble makers do not want to work anyway, and they just slow down good workers. Every High School student in America should have a mandatory course in economics and finance, both for their personal “Home Economics,” as in what ever the current financial news. The economic news should be discussed in the class room as a “Current Event,” Civic-lessen-cum-finance. All for the good of the country. I personally do not believe that  TPTB are really serious about keeping a free market capitalist system. TPTB, so it seems, do almost everything they can do to “dumb-down” the public. Now, many in authority at this time in history are indifferent to the pain and suffering of almost everybody, and are mean spiteful and vicious. Now, why should there even be a question about whether “Water-Boarding’ is torture?  Would you want to be “Water-Boarded?” The public for the most part, are naive, lambkins lead to the abattoir! Ha! Ha! Pooh-Pooh, la french! Bloody gore.

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