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November 20, 2011 / adgerellis



Macedonia  Background NotesCached

 Nov 9, 2011 – Facts about the land, people,  history, government, political conditions, economy, foreign relations of Macedonia:……..

Exploring Macedonia – National Tourism Portal. Provides travel tips

MACEDONIA “Hellenic Throughout The Ages”


MaSo-NiGhT-LiFe – Bebo

Me, Myself, and I: WELCOME TO MaSo-NiGhT-LiFe. This is for all MACEDONIANS that enjoy the MACEDONIAN nightlife and culture. Bog Da Go Prosti Tose
Skopje Night Life | Naughty Nomad
Oct 1, 2010 – Macedonia in general is one of my top 3 countries in Europe.  Not really a place to pick up, but the perfect pre-club bar to start your night if you<
Visit this site to learn more about Macedonian culture, history and the Macedonian issue…
Cities,Lakes,Cuisine,wine,Travel Macedonia,Events,Hunting,Eco tourism,Art,Culture,Accommodation,Travel Agencies,Air Travel,Rent-A-Car,Entertainment Macedonia – Pan-Macedonian Network
A plethora of historical, cultural, geographical and general information about both ancient and modern Macedonia can be found at this server.<<

MACEDONIA – ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ 1 – a knol by Spyro Lspμακεδονια-1Cached


MACEDONIAHellenic Throughout The Ages” | Facebook

Sign UpMACEDONIAHellenic Throughout The Ages” is on FacebookSign up for Facebook to connect with MACEDONIAHellenic Throughout The Ages.”<

Macedonia Requests Free Trade Agreement with Russia

Oct 11, 2011 – The Republic of Macedonia has officially requested signing of a free trade agreement with Russia, government sources claim. This was

It is almost certain that the “South stream” will pass through Macedonia;Cached

Oct 12, 2011 – Trade is the dominant form of economic cooperation between Macedonia and Russia, and the Russian Federation is continuously among the<


ohrid, macedonia. the night life.. – YouTube 8, 2011 – 2 min – Uploaded by derras333

ohrid, macedonia. the night life.. derras333 …. DJ Rondevu @ Club Midnight,  Skopje (20.02.2011)by<<<<

Amazing Macedonia (Skopje the capital city of Macedonia)…

...…….<…,,,,<< J. Rhodes – 2011 – 488 pages – Google eBook – Preview

Most of the herms (busts of the god Hermes on a plinth with a phallus) were damaged in a single night: ‘The affair mock celebrations of the Eleusinian Mysteries in private houses, in which Alcibiades was said to have participated.

Why Socrates Died: Dispelling the Myths – Page 99 Waterfield – 2010 – 288 pages – Preview

Alcibiades was not accused of mutilating the herms, but only of mocking the Mysteries, so the more the  but if Diocleides was lying and these men were innocent, many of them must have had an alibi for the night in question. .ile, ostracism, and democracy: thepolitics of expulsion in … – Page 175 Forsdyke – 2005 – 344 pages – Google eBook – Preview

During one night following the decision to invade Sicily, the herms (statues of Hermes in public and private spaces elite youths.143 Fears ran high that Alcibiades and others were plotting the violent overthrow of the democracy, Claire Moruzzi – 2000 – 205 pages – Preview

The public suspicion of Alcibiades‘ private life had its most drastic effect on his political career when it led to his being associated with the profanation of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the mutilation of the herms.28 In 41 5, ..he Athenians and their empire – Page 156 Francis McGregor – 1987 – 219 pages – Preview

In a single night nearly all the Herms, busts of Hermes set on rectangular pillars of stone that stood before houses and in Alcibiades (who was certainly innocent of the mutilation of the Herms and just as certainly guilty of the

. – 1898 – Free Google eBook – Read

Moreover, the Hermes (which are the images of Mercury, and were wont to be set up in every lane and street) were found in a night all hacked and hewed, and mangled specially in their faces : which put divers in great fear and trouble,

. A. Arieti, James A. Arieti– 1991 – 270 pages – Snippet view

Implicated in the profanation of the Herms on the eve of the Sicilian Expedition and reputed to have mocked the mysteries at private parties (Thucydides 6.27-29), Alcibiades fled to Sparta rather than stand trial in Athens.

. C. Keuls – 1993 – 477 pages – Preview

We know that they roamed around the city at night during the fateful events, because a woman named Agariste testified that she saw Alcibiades desecrate the mysteries at the house of Charmides, and she identified several other male Christenson – 1991 – 528 pages – Google eBook – Preview

All over Athens, in front of private houses and at the sanctuaries of the gods, the stone statues of Hermes were During the same night Alcibiades and his friends in a secret club (hetairiai) had put on a mock celebration of the

It’s Never Enough, or, On Being Fucked Up

[2] With Lear, I do not view Alcibiades’s interruption of the party and its that he likely defaced the temples of Hermes by breaking off the genitals of the statues by fire and a storm of arrows; and that  the night before dying, he dreamed he was Body
A moment later they all heard the voice of Alcibiades in the hallway — shouting mysteries and the alleged castration of the statues of Hermes protecting the city. ….. I continued talking with him far into the night and when he wanted to leave,

George Carlin – Religion Is Bullshit [Archive] – Macedonia Forums

Oct 6, 2008 – However… The charges against Alcibiades One night during preparations for the expedition, the hermai, heads of the god Hermes on a plinth

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