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November 26, 2011 / adgerellis

Christian Paradox, Greek Theatre and Satyricon: Maybe Galus Petronius! L-O-L !


Theatre in ancient Greece, generally was not just for entertainment. Theater in ancient Greece was a religious experience! This post is to resolve a false idea, a seeming paradox from the preceding blog. The offending apparent paradox is as follows…


“As a guess, just speculation these people who cause pain are insecure, lonely people who need to inflict pain on other people to “validate” their existence and authenticate that it is in their power to cause harm. They are on a power trip because they are not certain that they are really “alive,” but thinking they are in a “dream,” and a “self-will illusion.” As a short digression, somewhere in my book collection there is a quote from Hermann Goring at the Nuremberg Trials of NAZI war criminals. That quote, under questioning goes something like this,

Religious Roots: What is Fascism? How fascist was Frank Buchman?

Jul 4, 2011 – If you think it was just a totalitarian program of killing all of the Jews, and and conquering all of Europe, then the answer is “No, not likely. …. Heinrich Himmler fancied himself the reincarnation of an ancient …. (Putzi, Goering, and other prominent Nazis fled to Austria and hid out there until things cooled off.)
In the vast and variegated Hindu society, this belief in reincarnation coexists with all this may have sounded, now it gets even worse: “If you think this is bad, wait, ….. but they exterminated  them nonetheless, simply by killing one here and then …. and Goering also reminded members of their respective Churches, and none

How the Major Religions View Reincarnation

Nov 21, 2009 – Reincarnation, the belief that the soul of a man or woman who has died will later be born again into in Book X of Laws when he says: “Know that if you become worse, you will go to the worst souls, Goring, Rosemary, ed…

Reincarnation and the Holocaust FAQ (Part 2)

Apr 13, 2010 – Explores reincarnation cases, Jewish afterlife teachings, theology, etc. Q-3: Do you believe that we return as what we hate, i.e., that Nazis are
QUESTION: If you believe in reincarnation, why did you kill the Jews? (By your own belief that means you will in your next life become a Jew.)
ANSWER: I will make that sacrifice (of myself,) for the German nation…
Sorry, I can not find the actual citation. Just because many evil people believe in reincarnation and that the world is some sort of illusion, more likely delusion, does not mean that that idea does not have value. That does not mean you can kill, murder, rape, and cause pain to other people with out retribution. Reality’s big secret, as I understand it, is that we live in a “Holographic Universe”…Ha! Ha! That is obviously not original with me….

The Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality [Paperback]

Michael Talbot


Ouroboros – Crystalinks

 Ouroboros is associated with Alchemy, Gnosticism and Hermeticism. It represents the cyclical nature of things, eternal return, and other things perceived as
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To validate your existence, to authenticate the reality of your existence, in a self-centred, self-willed dream world by hurting people is a “naive solipsistic fallacy”…

In opposition to a simple “naive solipsistic” view of the world, we are all “tied together” in what we think and do. Unintended consequence for our every action and thought, effect just one small thing and the “whole world trembles.” To kill a person, to murder a person, and rape is to effect a continuum in “deep-time” and “space-time” that  has endless consequence that no known human can  have power to understand. The is where greed and selfishness end. Universal retribution, a sort of “pay-as-you-go,” on the scientific quantum level. The “domino effect” in history and world events. The world and all the people in it are an eclectic hologram.

Making sense of solipsism: who am ‘I’? : Philosophy – Page 2

The naive solipsist flounders when defining the self and its mind in terms …. James, what you call “naive solipsism” is simply solipsism. …. The nature of reality is more than a simple “feedback loop.” Now, back to the issue at hand and an end to that rather long detour.
Christian Paradox, Greek theatre and Satyricon,  has at lot to do with many of my past post. For example, see the following… INTERNATIONAL DEBT CRISIS AND OTHER LIFE THREAENING IDEAS:
Three books that I am using as a reference for this blog page are,
EPILEGOMENA TO THE STUDY OF THE GREEK RELIGION and THEMIS: A Study of Social Origins of Greek Religion by Jane Ellen Harrison. Published by University Books, 1962.
JESUS THE MAGICIAN, by Morton Smith and published by Harper & Row 1978.
THE JESUS MYSTERIES: Was The “Original Jesus” A Pagan God? Authored by Timothy Freke & Peter Grandy, and published by HarperCollins, in 1999.

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