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November 27, 2011 / adgerellis


THE JESUS MYSTERIES: Was The “Original Jesus” A Pagan God? Authored by Timothy Freke & Peter Grandy, published by HarperCollins, in 1999.

In this book review, there is no attempt to blasphemy, mock or ridicule any religion or belief. Timothy Freke and Peter Grandy claim in their book, THE JESUS MYSTERIES: Was The “Original Jesus” A Pagan God? that the whole history of Jesus, the person that some people call “the Christ,” is a myth and a fiction. I do not believe that. There is historical evidence for anybody who has a computer and can use a search engine, or even has a large paper unabridged dictionary, that a person named “Jesus” did exist. The name “Jesus” is Greek! The Greek word IHOUS (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ) for Jesus.

None of what is in this post is original with me. I can hardly belive that the “Good Christians” call on their god with a Greek name. The proper name of “Jesus” is “Ya-shu-wah,” or the god’s name can be spelt differently in English because “Jesus” is a transliteration from a language that does not use the Roman alphabet. Therefore, the sound of the name  can sound differently to everybody that hear’s the name. Now, do not misunderstand me. All religions have some “quality” of magic and ceremonial liturgical ritual.  So, for the “magic” to work the name of the god must be pronounced properly. You should know that,  for the very anxiety that blasphemy causes in the believer. Blasphemy is a “magical” act!. Yeshua, or Yashuwah is really a very ordinary and common name. So, historically there must have been thousands of people called, “Yeshua,” or any variation for the pronunciation of that name.

Yeshua, the real name of Jesus  Jan 1, 2011 – In Hebrew Yeshua means both “Salvation,” and the concatenated form of Yahoshua, is “Lord who is Salvation.” The name Jesus has no

Showing results for Yeshua – Yeshua as a common name Search instead for Yeshua – Yashuwah as a common name Search Result  Yeshua (name) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Yeshua, (ישוע, with vowel pointing יֵשׁוּעַ yēšūă’ in Hebrew) was a common alternative form of the name Joshua “Yehoshuah” יְהוֹשֻׁעַ in later books of the…I am a little surprised that Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy could not find in their research any person in all of history that did not fit the “Jesus history.” And also, have the name, “Yeshua,”  or something that would sound like  “Ya-shu-wah!”

“Good Christian,” please read with comprehension and “a discerning spirit.” The old books and documents that report the actions of Jesus and his followers happened more than two thousand years ago.  Not yesterday!  To hear some Christians talk about Jesus you would think that they are talking about current events. Please, don’t say that you know what happened two thousand years ago. That is just plain silly.  “Jesus love’s me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”

Firstly, that verse is from a song, not a historical document. Secondly, that is “circular’ reasoning, not proof. The Greek philosophers that Jesus must have known would have fun just discussing the idea of the “Fallacy:Begging-the-Question.” As a prophet and wise man,  Jesus must have known about “Circular Reasoning.” All truly educated people back then had at lest a passing knowledge of the Greek. See the website, The Nizkor Project:

Did Jesus as a “Good Jew,” rabbi and prophet ever visit an open air theatre in Judea or Galilee?……Bet She’an Roman Theatre Israel. Next, see this picture of a Roman Theathre at the city of Caesarea, Israel……Here is another view of the amphitheatre in the ancient city of Caesarea……The Roman amphitheatre in the  town of ..…Palmyra.  Here is an example of a partly reconstructed open air theatre that JESUS COULD HAVE SEEN…..

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